Analysts speak on Nigeria vs Ethiopia clash pt.1

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  1. I was wondering the samething. these jokers are analysts? they are a spit from punching eachother. I watch british and American analysts and I find this hilarious to be honest. Those guys talk and have a conversation as opposed to these clowns yelling and raising their voices at eachother

  2. that malformed small guy is nonsensoooooooo, talk about reality. not history. the guy in red shirt has slaved him self willingly for the white supremacy. he talks abt their players are playing abroad and they r good enuf to play who ever they meet. but we watch Nigerians nilling down for almost decade be it in africa or where ever they went. Respect the professional analysis of the guy in blue. and try to listen to each other chale!

  3. Why are these two
    shouting at each other, this is suppose to be a debate. Pls dont show these ppi again.

  4. I like the discussion, I would like them to listen each other , but I am really impress in one of the analysts he is putting facts in place. He is giving the right advice for Nigerians, " ….statistically Ethiopians have good record ,… we should play as if we play with Ghana, Cameron… he adds, football is not about playing by " name"….
    I wish May God helps we Ethiopians!!!

  5. Oh Nigeria, Oh Nigerians "The World Famous Scammers". We do know that it is your famous cultural behavior on cheating, blaming and fraud. FIFA is not a simple Organization! Keep trying on this scam across the world. Oh Nigeria, Oh Nigerians "The World Famous Scammers". WELCOME TO THE WORLD BIG MOUTH GROUP" Live

  6. As far as football is an evolving sports,there is no more underdogs in football.The Antelopes of Ethiopia,notwithstanding could prove a suprise,and for Nigeria,it is a do-or-die game.I predicts a 3 to 1 goals,in favour of the super eagles.Thanks

  7. What a Barbaric way of discussing !! No wonder abdulkarim sang saying " Nigeria Jaga Jaga Everything dey scatter scatter lol this should not be on TV abegĀ 

  8. Proverbs 11; Proverbs 12 (New International Version)
    Proverbs 11 12 Whoever derides their neighbor has no sense,
    but the one who has understanding holds their tongue.
    The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the God of Israel is with us and we pray that He shall strengthen our players so that we can have a good score for the Brazil 2014. God has decided to be with Ethiopia.

  9. The guy in the middle that is laughing every video, will make Nigeria lose against ethiopia 2-1 then draw on nigerian soil.

  10. It is a hot topic now for both Ethiopians and Nigerians. Next time please invite Ethiopians as well, it will make this conversation very interesting. Anyways let me give you my take about this playoffs. Nigerians must win the first game in Ethiopia in order for them to go to 2014 world cup. If Ethiopians win the first game at home, they are on their way to Brazil. Second match will be strong defense from the Ethiopian side all 90,minutes then game over.

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