Africa World Airlines From Kumasi To Tamale With Layover In Accra – GHANA!

Overall we liked our flights with Africa World Airlines, everything was smooth and the onboard service was great BUT here is ONE thing. When we arrived at the checkin counter of Africa World Airlines at the Kumasi Airport, they broke the news to us, that the tickets where canceled. WTF?

They told us that they cancelled them because the payment failed but on our end everything looked fine, we even had ticket numbers. They never sent an email to let us know, they just cancelled, even though they did have our credit card number. So annoying. Luckily the flight wasn’t fully booked and we were able to buy two new tickets but at a higher price. I complained to their customer support but they blamed us for not paying!!? Emm, again, you had our credit card number and if there was any trouble I think it is on you dear AWA to get in touch with your customers!!!

Anyways, this video takes you along on our trip from Kumasi to Tamale over Accra. Stay tuned for the full article on this day full of travel on our Ghana Travel Blog:

This video was recorded with this camera :

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  1. West African airlines kindly stop giving us fruit juice n packed cake fried rice with chickens won’t b bad😂😂😂

  2. This video shows clearly in Ghana, where is most developing region and where is under developing region,too bad.

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