On January 12th, 2004 Witness Abdus Salaam Laroche a.k.a. “Shelomon”, was called as a Government witness in the case against Dr. Malachi Kobina York, he initially testified against Dr. York.  Salaam Laroche was born March 20th, 1984 and was 17 years of age when he testified.

On November 21st, 2007, Abdus Salaam Laroche recanted (retracted) his testimony against Dr. York in an affidavit that he signed and was notarized.

Abdus Salaam Laroche was arrested on May 8th 2018, and is facing a murder charge for the brutal slaying of a Georgia woman in her home. The murder occurred 3 days following his meeting with the FBI to discuss his trial testimony in Dr. York’s case back in August 2002.

Dr. York was arrested on May 8th, 2002 16 years earlier.  On June 8th, 2018 Abdus Salaam Laroche was remanded and denied bond during a bond hearing whereas the Athens-Clarke County court recognized him as a danger to society and a flight risk.

In Abdus Salaam Laroche’s affidavit he stated the following:

“I, ABDUS SALAAM LAROCHE, being first duly sworn and being competent to testify having personal knowledge of the facts herin, states as following:

  1. My name is Abdus Salaam LaRoche.  I was born on March 20th, 2984.  I make this affidavit of my own free will. No one has threatened or coerced me to make it.  Nor have I been offered anything of value in return for making this affidavit.  I am prepared to make this affidavit in order to tell the truth and let it be known
  2. I am hereby affirming that the majority of my testimony at the Federal criminal trial of Dwight York (Malachi York) was false, specifically in the area of my personal sexual activity.  I am also stating that I did not engage in any type of sexual activity with Mr. York including oral sex or anal sex.  Nor did I witness Mr. York engage in sexual activity or any inappropriate sexual behavious with any minors or adults
  3. I deny that Khadijah “Macullah” Merrit performed any oral sex on me in the presence of Mr. York when I was about 13, nor did I witness any sexual activity between Mr. York and Khadijah “Macullah” Merrit in Eatonton, Georgia.
  4. I deny that Mr. York performed anal sex on me at any time.  I also deny any sexual relations between myself and Khadijah Merrit in the presence of Mr. York at any time.
  5. I deny having or witnessing any sexual relationships with Mr. York involving the people I named at trial including Issa Johnson, and Khadija Merrit on 404 Shady Dale Rd. in Eatonton, Georgia.
  6. I deny having any sexual activity with Mr. York inclusive of all inappropriate acts including anal sex or oral sex in Athens nor with any of the people that I named in my testimony including Krystal Harden, Khadija Merrit and Nicole Harden “Husna”
  7. I affirm that the reason I testified falsely against Malachi York and others aformentioned is because I was told that I had to go along with the stories as everyone else did.  FBI Jalaine Ward told me and I quote “Other people already came forth and we already know what happened and its best that you do the same!”
  8. At this point I felt alone and scared and went along with the stories FBI Jalaine Ward gave me even though I repeatedly stated that I was never molested sexually abused by Mr. York or anyone.
  9. I was pressured by FBI agent Jalaine Ward who then told me that I would be okay if I just cooperated with stories of molestation that I had no knowledge of.
  10. I also affirm that I had several interview with FBI agent Richard Moultrie to make sure my stories matched with others.
  11. I am coming forth now to put the truth on record.  I am no longer afraid of hiding the truth behind the conspiracy of Malachi York.  I felt that I was wrong in attesting to these false allegations and I go on record stating that I never say any type of child molestation involving Malachi York.”

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