A look inside Gambia’s infamous Mile 2 prison

The Gambia’s new president will formally be sworn in on Saturday which is also the country’s independence day.

Hundreds of prisoners hope the day will also bring their release.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from inside one of the prisons in Banjul.

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50 Responses

  1. some people talk without knowing what they saying let us be careful of what we have to say

  2. 6yrs for a bottle of milk then get beaten is rediculous. He should have jst been fined then released

  3. Nothing anyone can do to change things..only report it n still nothings going to be done?

  4. 6 years for milk that’s a joke. And the woman don’t want to speak up because they are probably raped and if they speak up they will be killed. How can someone in there right mind do this to another human. I literally feel sorry for them they probably don’t even have a lawyer to defend any claim against them and just a corrupt judge.

  5. Point of correction?
    Who build this prison Pres Daouda Jawara or Pres Yahya Jammeh

  6. This is how people are treated in the Gambia mile 2 and etra Judiciary killings was common during his reign.

  7. for a low GDP country their prison in better conditions than many in india and middle East

  8. *_Sick in my stomach Subhan Allah 6 years behind bar for stealing a bottle of milk that man should be released immediately and the government should send it sincerely apologize and compensated_*

  9. All thanks to the tyranny of Yahyah Jammeh. Alhamdulillah for his removal and banishment🇬🇲🔥

  10. Please also do a documentary about their crimes and how it affect the community.
    This documentary is so one sided e.g 6 years for stealing milk but not say anything about how much is milk is valued in Gambia.
    Some people go for a year without seeing a milk and this thief come and simply steal it…Milk is like Gold in Gambia

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