A day in Sudan's protest headquarters – BBC Africa

The head of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan has told the BBC he will not allow his troops to use force against protesters calling for a civilian government.

The comments from General Abdul Fatah al-Burhan come a day after the military ordered protesters to dismantle their barricades on roads leading to army headquarters in the capital, Khartoum.

Talks between protesters and the military have broken down.

The BBC’s Mohanad Hashim, who grew up in Sudan, has been spending time at the protest headquarters.

Video producer: Joe Inwood.


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  1. Africa is full of civilian governments… that have all failed ,just because you have a civilian government doesn’t mean that your problems are solved.The IMF and World Bank give them loans knowing that they can’t pay back keeping them in debt…China is not far behind with there own agenda.They are not in your interest…they are only out 4 themselves.

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  3. There are few successful examples of military rule, so keep the protest until civilian control is materialized.

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