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The African Union has been around in some form for nearly 55 years. A symbol of African unity in the post colonial decades. But it has faced many challenges in this new era where corruption and conflict continue to dominate the headlines.

Its new chief – Rwandan President Paul Kagame says Africa is running out of time to save itself from permanent deprivation. Kagame hopes to implement certain reforms during his tenure as Chairman. He has pushed for member states to pay a 0.2 percent tax on imports from outside Africa, to make the AU less reliant on foreign aid.

About half of its 55 countries have signed up.

The reforms commission has discussed sharpening the AU’s focus to a few areas and re-evaluating its many smaller bodies to reflect that.

It also wants to encourage more unity across the continent, through an African Passport, and African Youth groups. And the commission wants to adopt a process to make sure members abide by the AU’s decisions.

So, can the AU succeed in bringing reforms?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Adama Gaye- West Africa Analyst

Abe Ejembi – Lawyer and former Director of North Central Zone
Civil Liberties Organisation.

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43 Responses

  1. ban imf world bank and wef
    these create mass unemployment with their privatization and fiat money lending Au nerds a single gold back currency and stop accepting fiat currency. be it dillar or euros.

  2. A room full of dictators, thieves and murders. Sadly That is all Africa has to offer in the ranks of its leaders.

  3. Lets use Gold as the common currency and create a prosperous non IMF fake paper currency manipulated United States of Africa !!!

  4. Every african country is headed in the wrong direction. Old leaders need to go. But we must first redraw our borders.

  5. Remember Gaddafi, remember Marcus Garvey and so many African heroes and heroines. ‘None buy ourselves, could free our mind" … Bob Marley.

  6. Every nations has to be force on board otherwise the Union shd have its navy and military to police all trades and also the Union shd be funded to the point of becoming stronger than every Country in the Continent.

  7. The biggest problem with Africa is the French speaking countries where they take orders from France before they do anything to their countries. So, for Africa to move ahead that french Africa connection must be broken first without that Africa is a joke.

  8. Number one reform. cut off accepting funding from usa and EU.
    2. cut all relations with izreal
    support south african. land. returns to african owners
    and rewriting a new constitution from european apartheid one.
    retited all old officials and replaced by local young ones elected from their home countries

  9. The most important thing they can do is redefine all the national boundaries based on real social and historical differences. Unity starts with social and national pride.

  10. French-speaking African countries need to make a decision Fast. France has no future in Africa. It has been there for 200 years and its record speaks for itself. It has been dismal. Francophone countries need to carefully evaluate their future and get off the French train. Follow Rwanda. Follow the example set by Rwanda. You do not need French. The continent needs one international language, and it cannot be French. Ditch the bogus, pompous, spiteful French and Africa will begin to hum better. Unfortunately, I cannot say this in French. Someone needs to translate this for our mostly West African brothers.

  11. Aljazeera ought to have consulted Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba for this topic. Be that as it may, I think President Paul Kagame should improve the nature of the present day AU which has been described in a large sense to be a sleeping dog. It is sad though that the dog will wake up to see an Africa that has been successfully raped by amongst others, Corruption, Ethnic wars, massive unemployment and the monster of all BAD LEADERSHIP. Personally, looking at the present antecedence of President Paul Kagame in his home country Rwanda, it is clear that he can deliver positive impact on the AU, however, it should be noted that a tree cannot make a forest. President Kagame is still chairperson over an institution with a good number of member states represented by sit tight old bad leading heads of states, hence he needs to foster a formidable coalition of sane members to restore sanity into the system. I am very particular about the thrust of President Kagame’s leadership of the AU and I believe that he can begin again the journey heralded by the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Kenneth Kaunda, Nnamdi Azikiwe and many others, to the effect that the sufferings of these people will not be in vein as they fought to the last breath for the freedom of Africa from colonialist. President Paul Kagame, please go forth and save Africa from the present beast of Neo-colonialism and bad leadership. God restore Africa! One Africa! One Nation! One Love!!!

  12. Don’t Worry Too Much About The Migration It Is Fate We Can’t Change That Because It Is A Lesson To The World!

  13. I’m a political Scientist, very analytical and of deep thots and would to say that the philosophy of United Africa and decoding the politics of colonisation IS SPOT ON. Very few African Leader who dared to think differently like Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere Ghadafi etc are destroyed because they are about the true liberation of Africa. I’m a Nigerian living in South Africa and never for once see a different black people, we are thesame and should be living in a better continent if we can see things clearly and fight for one another and not against. We know how Africa was shared by the west according to their economic interest and not for the benefit of our people, Africa was divided so it can be ruled. Checked West Africa and you’ll see clearly how countries were shared. Nigeria (english)and all neighbouring countries made French speaking, and if the country is French speaking then the neighbouring country must be English speaking Just so that we can’t have one language or co-oporate. But it a lot of work to be done as the Africans need to be reorientated to not see ourselves as the enemy and for us not just think about our selfish self and be greedy rather to think of the wellbeing of all regardless of where we come from (brown or peach) black and white does not exist, nobody is black or white, only coined for divide.
    "With the resources Africa has we should not be talking about poverty in Africa" "the land of Africa can feed the whole world but our people are hungry".
    Why is Congo never settled? why is Zimbabwe in permanent recession? why is Nigeria always at war in her oil region, why is Sudan, Rwanda, Libya and many more in unrest? Who owns the South African reserved bank? Who controls the Stock exchange, what about the Africans in diaspora etc how is Haiti suffering in a dangerous land, how did Haitian got there? and many more.
    We need to start thinking right, asking the right questions not to start pointing fingers and fighting but so we can solve true problems for all, Know the genealogy of these things, their bad intentions and deal with them to bring new life to our people.

  14. What happened to the topic of people smuggling at the African Union by leaders about their citizens illegally smuggling into Europe?

  15. Africa needs,

    – 2 to 3 child policy
    – Penitentiaries – (Giant high security prisons)
    – Death Penalty
    – The right to carry weapons and defend ourselves
    – United Police force
    – united and equal Judicial system for All
    – criminalization of racism, xenophobia and religion imperialism by use of force.
    – A United re florestation project
    – A united Organic Farming Policy
    – one Passport? yes
    – Freedom of movement of people and goods ? yes
    – Residency? only if you have a Job contract. and a Valid Clean Criminal record.
    – if you have no job? then no national insurance number, no social benefits, only free health and education

  16. Facts: 70% of the AU operations is funded by the US-EU funding. and only 30% comes from the african nations. A majority of the AU nation states are granted AID in food, services, currency and other means by the US-EU and many first world developed nations meaning Africa led by the AU member states caint survive to maintain on its own yet unless all the 54 African nations can draft down an agenda that can consist what-how-when and who wants the AU to change and ran its affairs without the influence of others…

    Lets talk about the standard of living and governance in all of Africa under the current AU leaders..most of the African states under these AU leaders has failed to introduce fair governance to lessen refugees, has contributed in harming its own citizens along promoting tribal and ethnic violence. Kenya for example with the political outcry as Odinga sworn in himself as the right full leader will results to a cultural war if not dealt with ASP so as to avoid blood shed of Africans.

    The Francophone-Anglophone Agenda within the AU based on how business is done along colonial parties-trans-multinationals is breaking all the AU apart because there is no respect of one another and finger pointing each another…I just want to see what policies can be drafted to see all the AU member states actually following the au rules and change and what will the AU do if these nations refuses to change to what the AU wants the member state to follow. on paper it sounds great but practically with all the AU thug led African leaders to work on progress and materializing its very impossible..

  17. And the Caucasians in south Africa should leave, so that South Africans can remember that they are Africans and remember their culture and values. That’s my prayer. And bind back our blacks from America, Haiti, Jamaica and other blacks all over the west.

  18. No, Africa still have too many old dictators e.g 86 year old dictator Paul Biya. These old dictator (strong men) can’t deal with Morden negotiations.

  19. Veery poor choice of speakers on this important topic. The guests seem to Β have problem sticking to the subject matter, they ramble on and on until interrupted and their response lack rigor and intellectual content.

  20. British journalism information cannot be trusted, because Barcley’s Africa Group’s hold in Africa through Anglo-American Corporations has been trying to destroy African Union’s establishment from the beginning – send in Africa’s media to do a documentary and reports because African countries have media its best to get the facts, the online AU business plan is sound for everyone to understand and read, and African university students on the continent are assisting towards reforms through the use of blockchain technologies so there would be no need for the dependence of Barclay’s Africa Group that uses the Brenton-Woods institutes that only serves the British and EU investors that instigate the corruption through their western currencies! Britain is afraid of China because China now owns the British Colony Hong Kong (financial hub) for the past 20 years, they will do anything to destroy China just to break up BRICS New Development Bank that AU will be using in their international trades!

  21. Can African Americans join the AU? And the rest of blacks over the globe? I’m African American and I care about what happens on the continent of AfricaπŸ‘ŒπŸΏI want in on the AU.

  22. In need for Africa to rise the corruption has to go..Europe has to stay away…America has to stay away… Africans has to wake up…New Leaders like Gaddafi has to take control. Easy? No

  23. CHINA and FRANCE are willingly slowing down developing Africa by supporting old brutal dictators presidents as long as these dictators protect their interests (their multi-national).

  24. Let’s started looking difference ways off govern our people because demo crazy is failing us in Africa.

  25. Africa, must kick every non African country out of the continent immediately! Africa First. Africa must then unite, feed, educate, and provide healthcare for her people without European and Asian influence. Take no medical assistance, religious missionaries, or infrastructure help until Africa is strong and united. The African nations need no assistance from outsiders. They must see these other nations see them the same way they see American Blacks. As trash, and are their to kill them and steal their resources.

  26. When their leaders start to care more about their people other than themselves AU will be a powerful tool to the African Nations.

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