🌍 African Union summit: Macron addresses security in Sahel | Al Jazeera English

France’s president has addressed financial and security hurdles in the Sahel, on the final day of the African Union summit in Mauritania.

President Emmanuel Macron held talks with leaders of the five-nation French-backed anti-terror unit, the ‘G5 Sahel’ force, which has faced multiple attacks from armed groups in recent days.

Ahelbarra has been following the summit from Nouakchott.

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5 Responses

  1. *Aljazzeera supported terrorists who killed Qaddafi* then black people started drowning in the Mediterranean . *WHy not be honest u evil doers* your the worlds problem not the solution

  2. Let him stream line his country first!how dare he galavants all over the globe and his country is a mess!please give us a break from this guy!

  3. Fed up with the lot of them. Build a huge wall from Alantic Portuguese to Turkey. They are millions coming to Europe . Go back and help your own countries and peoples.

  4. I am so sick of hearing about all this terrorist groups, we all know that Isis and their fellow murdering groups were created and funded by America and the European union. These are the same terrorist groups they used to murder Gadaffi and destroy Libya.
    Are African leaders so ignorant that they don’t know that these Western countries who claim to help are directly responsible for these terrorists and their atrocities? It’s funny how these terrorist groups always seem to magically appear in countries that the Western governments have interests in. These foreign leaders don’t care about Africa or it’s people, they just want our resources. They create chaos to keep our countries destabilized while they steal our resources. African leaders are useless if they don’t realize what is happening.

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