The purpose of this website is to advocate and effectuate the freedom, repatriation, and exoneration of one Dr. Malachi Z. K. York also Consul General and Diplomat D/P#: 003828-04 for the Republic of Liberia

Dr. York an innocent man, author, musician, philanthropist, and humanitarian has spent 12 of his 18 years in prison in Solitary Confinement under a misnomer as Dwight D. York B.O.P. Reg.: #17911-054 at the Bureau of Prisons USP Florence ADMAX Facility.

On May 8th, 2002 State of Georgia and Federal Agents of the United States arrested and detained Dr. Malachi Z. K. York in Baldwin County Georgia.

Dr. York was charged with the Mann Act, also known as White Slavery, this is the same Act initially implemented to disproportionately arrest black men in America for sleeping with White women.  This is the same charge that the Boxing World Champion Jack Johnson was given a posthumous pardon of by President Trump on May 24, 2018, 105 years after his conviction.  After a 14-Day trial York was sentenced to 135 years, a draconian sentence not even given to murderers.  This was after the prosecutions key witness admitted to lying on the stand and numerous witnesses for the prosecution saying they were being coerced by the prosecution to make false statements against Dr. York.

Initially, Dr. York pled NOT GUILTY at an arraignment hearing Thursday, May 9th, 2002 before U.S. Magistrate Claude Hicks.  A bond hearing was held the following Monday in which Dr. York was not awarded bail and remained in custody in solitary confinement for over a year prior to his trial in  2004.  During this period while under duress and being threatened, tortured, and denied medical attention Dr. York was offered a PLEA BARGAIN which he excepted which would have lead to the release of his co-defendants.  Dr. York’s plea was to serve 15 years, but the Middle District Court Judge, Hugh Lawson, did not accept the plea, he stated it was not enough time and then after making those statements recused from himself from the trial.   Dr. York then retracted his guilty plea and took it a trial.

A video of Dr. York pleading guilty was released on youtube to taint public opinion for the upcoming Federal trial that took place in January of 2004.  The video shows Dr. York under duress as he pled guilty to charges that didn’t even exist, specifically admitting to having videos and photographs that were proven to never have existed during the trial.

The trial held in Brunswick, Georgia contained numerous amounts of Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct.

In addition, Dr. Malachi York’s status as a Naturalized Liberian Citizen, Consul General, and Diplomatic Agent has consistently been hidden from the public as the Republic of Liberia has continued to make requests for his repatriation.

Our goal is to provide as much factual evidence and information as possible to the public to help save the life of an innocent man.