Zimbabwe's opposition leader has called on President Mugabe to resign – BBC News

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called on President Robert Mugabe to resign immediately in the interest of the people of Zimbabwe.

He has also echoed other opposition calls for a transitional arrangement.

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  1. 100 deaths a day. That’s the figure the BBC won’t talk about right now. But it should. Because a new report claims that could be the amount of excess fatalities England will see over the coming years.

    Experts have linked these expected deaths to the government’s health and social care cuts. And most of them are due to be elderly people. But the BBC didn’t report the story to the public, claiming the research wasn’t up to scratch.
    “Economic murder”

    The study is titled Effects of health and social care spending constraints on mortality in England. Researchers from various universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and University College London, compiled it. They published it in the British Medical Journal.

    According to the research, there have already been almost 120,000 excess deaths since 2010. This is the number of fatalies “associated” with cuts. Experts also predict up to 100 extra deaths a day between now and 2020. And they say that deaths among people aged 60+ and in care homes “accounted for the majority” so far.

    Cambridge University’s Professor Lawrence King, who was involved in the study, said:

    Austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits – it is bad economics. It is also a public health disaster. It is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder.

    Researchers pinpointed where they believe the government’s “bad economics” has hit the hardest. They say cuts have hit social care worse than health. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) reported [pdf, p2] real funding for social care in England dropped by around 1% between 2009-10 and 2015-16. For adult social care specifically, the drop was 6.4% [pdf, p2] in the same period. And every £10 less of spending per person on social care, the study linked to five extra care home deaths per 100,000 of the population.

    The report also identified a lack of nursing staff as an issue. Because it found that between 2010-2014 the rise in nurse numbers was 20 times lower than in the previous decade. This is despite England, like many advanced economies, seeing a “growing and ageing population”.
    Not good enough

    Asked why the BBC, unlike the majority of other media outlets, it did not cover the study. The broadcaster said:

    The BBC reports extensively on the NHS including budget pressures as evidenced by a recent report by Hugh Pym ‘NHS battle for money: Where will it end?’

    Our audiences expect the BBC to provide impartial and well sourced news they can trust. We carefully considered whether the BMJ Open study merited reporting including verifying it with other sources and on this occasion we concluded it did not. The Science Media Centre, an independent body that peer reviews scientific news, has raised concerns that the conclusions were “highly speculative” and should be treated with “caution”.

    You can see the full comments from the Science Media Centre. The Department of Health also said “firm conclusions” cannot be drawn from the study.

    The Conservative government will announce its budget on 22 November. No doubt, there’ll be more talk of “living within our means” and building a country “that works for all“. But we’re now clearly seeing what our society looks like after many years of Conservative rule.

    Potentially 120,000 excess deaths so far, largely of elderly people, and 100 more a day on the cards up to 2020. 18.9m households in the UK battling to survive on their income; 3.4m more than were doing so in 2008/9. 2,000 food banks operating across the country that are pumping the equivalent of £11bn into local areas in order solve Britain’s food crisis.

    That’s the real ‘cost’ of living in Tory Britain. Not that you’d fully understand that from the BBC.

  2. I dislike Mugabe as much as the next person, but the moment I heard media reports "that the army has given him 48hrs to resign" I knew the game was up for them. Mugabe may be 93 but he still has a high double digit IQ vs low digit IQ for the rest of the crew. When you give Mugabe 48 hrs, know that he will come up with: plan A, plan B, plan C, a back up plan, a contingency plan, and a get out of jail free card plan. When dealing with Mugabe, you must know that even when giving him 48 seconds notice, you are actual giving him a "light year" head start. There is no leader in the world that understands and uses time with the same effect as Mr Mugabe. Don’t believe me? look how he managed to manipulate time following the 2008, to such a degree he was able to rig the election after the last vote was cast and come back to win.

  3. "The White population of Zimbabwe was listed as 28,732 in the 2012 census."
    Probably less now.

    Rhodesia is never coming back. Deal with it.

  4. Hell this is not the REGIME CHANGE HELL NO, The President Mugabe surely he is not standy and he need good farewell Party from the people who value him in Zimbabwe ,he need to relax and enjoy his time with his Family, he have done beyond many leaders in Africa 37 years ruling as a leader it is not easy, And some are saying it’s RIGME CHANGE HELL NO, dont you have eyes and see that Mugabe have done great work 37 years. The man have no need to rule again but to RELAX and enjoy his time.And we thank the Zimbabwe Army cause they’re not FORECING him but having one to one word which is very important also good manners towards the President. But Mrs Mugabe want to be the President which is not possible surely. She need to be there for President Mugabe this time of his age. It’s a blessing to see this age guys we call President Mugabe BLESSED.

  5. Hi evrybody…I want to change my subscibe with you if you want..please…and good look for you✌✌✌

  6. BBC still lives in its Colonial Past glory. Royal Mail is Privatised by Conservatives. Millions of Brits are dirt poor. Jeremy Corbyn is fighting for them? BBC, Why don’t you do a Video on that?

  7. The British so loved Zimbabwean land that they hoped in dreams for Mugabe to be couped.
    Soldiers were so thoughtful that they knew couping their liberator was not an option.

  8. Zimbabwe has a REAL CHANCE at TRUE DEMOCRACY now. I really hope they don’t waste this opportunity. After seeing how much money "Gucci Grace" spent on herself while the people starved & how selfish she is, removing Mugabe & Grace from power was the right thing to do. Now if the millions of dollars worth of diamonds from the mine can be invested back into the Community to uplift them to where they’re supposed to be – and the new Government is for the People and not for themselves (like the Mugabes were), then Zimbabwe can be saved, the People and Nation can prosper.

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  10. Every one hates Mugabe and regime change is welcome.Lets be cynical.When the so called Arab spring happened the UK Prime minister went to Egypt with arms traders in tow.Now we see regime change brought about by not the west bombing Zimbabwe but the army removing Mugabe.Watch how quickly the wests leaders make a visit when a new leader is in power and who will be in tow.Food traders or car manufacturers or the arms manufacturers.

  11. A free honest election is what that country needs some real democracy to get the country back on its feet again

  12. A labour MP called on the UK government to make known who it has been speaking to in regards to what is happening in Zimbabwe …If ever you wanted to help draw up of list of those to be arrested for acting against the interests of whoever might become the next dictator of Zimbabwe, you couldn’t do better than that!

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