Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa: I was going to be eliminated – BBC News

Emmerson Mnangagwa, who thanked the crowd, for waiting for him for so long has said “the will of the people will always succeed”.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.
Today we are witnessing the beginning of a new unfolding democracy in our country
He has also thanked the speakers of parliament, the army and other officials who have helped him over the last week.

Robert Mugabe’s successor then went on to address the state of the economy, saying all Zimbabweans needed to come together:

We want peace, we want jobs jobs jobs in our country.”
This was greeted by a huge roar the crowd.

He went on to say Zimbabwe needed the corporation of Africa – to grow the economy.

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  1. Does anyone remember Mrs Mugabe’s statemnet on the 5th of November …"you can bring guns and soldiers but i’ll remain still and strong" …? ….#just_asking

  2. Ask yourself this : if someone stood up to protest corruption what would happen ?
    They were be beaten senseless by the Police.
    So why are Zimbabweans celebrating ?
    Because they are like Pavlov’s Dog : they are conditioned to subservience
    and complicity in their own oppression.

  3. 9:20-9:23 Careful Emmerson, the whites will start filing the paperwork to reinstate slavery. There’s still cotton that isn’t going to pick itself.

  4. I noticed the sanctions put on the country by the white west only hurt the people. It did not hurt the diamond and gold and other mineral thievery did it?
    You all need to wake up.
    The white thieving Brexit vultures are circling your country.

  5. Just another african dictator.
    "The voice of the people is the voice of God" – worst quote ever

  6. Same old shit. This Guy was part of the problem now he’s acting like he care jobs jobs 40 years now u thinking about the economy.

  7. I hear people on here talk about forgetting the past but the saying "those that forget the past are deemed to repeat it"
    have seen this played out a number of times already.
    They came with slavery and when they claim itscwas all in the past they came back with Apartheid, colonisation land theft and war etc…
    Now they circle your country once again.
    You should be asking the question "Why Africa" Yhey are look at yoir recent events for way back in.

  8. Another dictator in the making…Mark my words… where are the countrymen and their guns???

  9. Zimbabweans need to remember this words "The people have spoken and their decision will will always prevail" they have to control their destiny and no one else should stop them. Mnangagwa has a chance to chance Zimbabwe ,the world is watching to see if Zimbabweans are not have having just a different version of Mugabe. God Bless Mnangagwa God Bless Zimbabwe.

  10. I am African American stay alert ZIMBABWE if Mnangagwa start acting like Mugabe RISE UP AGAIN. STAY ALERT. It’s time for Africans to Stop Allowing Themselves to be VICTIMS TO DICTATORS  pick Modern Leaders who have what is in the best interest of Africans not for themselves. Give The Younger Generation a Chance.

  11. And same regime which was stealing votes and killing people is in full control now ,ask yoh self why they called him crocodile. We are tired of this ZANU and its corrupt leaders

  12. The ancient hebrew definition of "zimbabwe"
    ?..literally means
    "The Drum that thunders"
    ..and scriptures are louder than ever.

  13. This was a speech not to heal and reconcile but a triumph to grab power. More of the same even worse.

  14. rubbish I dont why people are applauding this murderer. nhasi zvashata because it happened to him.

  15. As a Zimbabwean, kindly let us deal with our problems White people, worry about your issues, Zimbabwe can only be understood by Zimbabweans, to other African people kindly watch as we hope for a better Africa not only a better Zimbabwe, you comment shit about Zim yet your countries are also in turmoil. We have hope about our country and we are the most capable force of change. Zimbabwe will rise before you know it, the age of Democracy has begun.

  16. Even in the so called biblical scripts, David kills, Paul kills, Moses also BT they were loved by God. So the Gukurahwindi idea is jus for the Bad worse than terrorism.

  17. the pesident inspiring words are as the speach he did in 1981 ,that was follow by 10 years repression and 20.000 dead bodies in Matabele Land under him and his party.
    So , lets see how he wants
    to go down into history.
    I do not bet on him , but I wish I am "completely" wrong.

  18. The air lifting of the CDE ED to South Africa for treatment is a pure sign that our health sector is crumbled and our government does not have faith in the system they implemented. As one of our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), let the improvements within our health sector be used as a measure of competence for the government to be appointed by Honorable ED going forward…. We want systems that our own government officials have faith in. For the past three decades our government officials were always seeking treatment in other countries (if other countries can, why not Zimbabwe?).

  19. This guy was at the forefront of the Gukurahundi genocide against the Ndebeles. He is another dictator too.

  20. You live more outside of Zimbabwe and l believe that contributes to you loosing touch with reality Mtambudzi.

  21. Bullshit. He is the one who most probably killed General Mujuru before last move being the coup

  22. "…mnangagwa"
    Literally means
    In ancient hebrew …
    What is the motives and/or personality ?
    Of a CROCODILE ? …hmmm

  23. Minus African resources US could not survive, raiding oil nations,all US z built on z after raid of other nations and impoverishing them.

  24. jimmy. the US needs to start making more friends. the end result is mutually beneficial. elon musk and his sorry excuse for a car company needs africa as all. the resources to power those batteries are in africa and latin americs.

  25. Now you arr worse than Mugabe it was good if they gave you too much you don’t respect the voice of people you rigged elections

  26. We African, shall never be satisfied ever by any leader…None shall tell the truth in the world that MUGABE believe me.

  27. U look so humble and honest but yoh hands are full of blood for the people u killed in Matebele province ,the guyz of zim must be carefully is like we removed white and we put grey donkey

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