Zimbabwe's military seizes state TV – BBC News

The army took over the national broadcaster, but denied it was staging a coup.

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  1. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Mugabe was right to seize the white farmers lands. Can’t have colonialists profiting from stolen land. That would be unjust.

  2. They waited for Mugabe to die but when it took too long, they had to take him out!!! Why did you wait so long??? A early Christmas gift to common citizens of Zimbabwe…………..

  3. I heard on the grapevine that Peter Tatchell is behind the coup. He will be assuming power with the military’s blessing very soon.

  4. Looks like the people of Zimbabwe did not take well to Mugabe losing out on the UN Goodwill ambassador thing . It’s Trumps Fault!

  5. Only a matter of time till the army switches sides just like with what happened with ceausescu and his wife elena.

  6. Darbecilere lanet olsun. Bu zimbabwe askerleri kimin köpeği? Ne oldu zimbabwe afrikada gelismeye mi basladi ? lanet olsun. Derbecilere lanet olsun. Destekleyenlere lanet olsun. Onaylayana lanet olsun.

  7. If you care what idiots reckon about this, scroll down for some keypad thumping anger, unfunny sarcasm, and general crap.

  8. So it’s a coup….but it’s not? Okay, thanks for clearing the confusion. Basically, we just need to keep an open mind about this situation.

  9. Robert Mugabe is in line to become the next Sadam Hussain simply based on humanitarian crimes against his own people. Families are sharing one plate of food a day. Zimbabweans should not Hope for a better life anymore, because they absolutely Deserve It!

  10. EU supporters everywhere will be wetting themselves at this wishing the ‘glorious’ EU army will march into Westminster and take over Britain from these pesky national democracy lovers and patriots who voted for Brexit ……

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