Zimbabwean Villagers Resist Chinese Company Mining Project

Some Zimbabweans are resisting a move by a Chinese investor to open a quarry mine in a village just outside the capital, Harare. Opponents say the project will displace about 20,000 people who live in the area. But as Columbus Mavhunga reports from Harare, a representative of the Chinese company denies the claim.
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  1. No Chinese to take our resources, they don’t care about people of Zimbabwe, the things they need is our resources, in their own country they don’t allow African citizens even to stay in China, chindiro chinopfumba kunobva chimwe, when they come to our country they bring their own to work those jobs and take what we have, that’s not right,

  2. Get these Chinese OUT!!You so CALL LEADERS are prefect SELL OUT. All these Chinese do is to MESS up your LAND and YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Stop the SELL OUT of the LANDS and YOUR peoples to this Chinese PEOPLE who don’t not RESPECT our people /your people. Zimbabweans MUST GET TUFF with your LEADERS who are MAKING these deals with the Chinese. PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE! PROTECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Because of the dollar situation, Zimbabwe is seen as RAW MEAT AMONGST hungry lions. Zimbabweans, you’re going to be exploited to the highest bidder. THIS is the time to be WISE. You’re ALWAYS in my PRAYERS.

  3. China wants raw materials, Africa has them. The Chinese will pay as little as they can-blame your "leaders" for this state of affairs.

  4. don’t let the china mining company in, they don’t care about you and want to destroy you, be strong and fight for what is right, God be with you

  5. stupid fat man , look how fat u are compared to the local people get out untermed boy!

  6. No no no no and no again vakuda kutanga zvemurambatsvina futi chinese must just go back to where they come from

  7. Our african leaders from the past sold our land to these Europeans with a tea spoon of salt
    Now that same thing was passed to the next generation they selling the beauty of our nature to Chinese
    Not saying they shouldn’t let investors come but they should be careful of these kind o’s projects for it will not benefit the nation but those I power
    What about the next generation
    Will there be trees left


  9. We need to start mining space. We live in an infinite universe with an infinite amount of raw materials and we are just on the cusp of being able to make use of these resources.
    Hopefully we can do this because if this happens we need never fight over a resource ever again.

  10. The worst invester is a Chinese. You tell me there are no rocky outcrops in China. They will deface our beautiful landscape and we will be left with death pools when they have extracted everything and enrich themselves. For example in DRC they got involved in platinum mining, take every ounce of what was mined to go process in China. What every by -products realised DRC got nothing. Why are they all over Africa , why do they have the fastest growing economy why African countries are dotted with potholes and down spiralling economies. Wake up Africa. Leave the beautiful domboshawa alone. Pakacherwa hapameri mamwe matombo.

  11. how can a government official speak against the same government ,which is responsible for granting these chinese to do the quary mine.I dont understand

  12. They are already ruining our countries in Latin America. They need to leave Native lands alone. If we would not accept this of the colonialists then this is no different. Hands off the Global South!!!

  13. Well said mama!!!! I am so happy to hear some truths been told!! No! Dombashowa is a beautiful area and we do not need our landscape to be battered by people who careless for our country.

  14. Energy Mutodi I have never liked you at all but here I agree with you 100% . I don’t have to like you to thank you for standing up for the people of Zimbabwe against the Chinese. WELL DONE BUDDY and stick to your guns. Africans are suffering because of the foreigners looting in Africa for their own gains and to enrich their countries using cheap labour and abusing our people.keep it up

  15. Funny, I was trying to tell someone in another comment section that if he believed China was going to benefit South Africa he was dreaming. As was expected I was called a pink cave dwelling pig for saying that.

  16. Big up Gogo, very intelligent knows sustainable development, as long as development compromise the next generation’s needs let it go.

  17. Finally the people have had enough I know the Chinese are going to get kicked out of Africa sooner or later but they need to get rid of these leaders who are allowing this and get competent leaders like Magufuli.

  18. this sounds good but i dont trust mutodi since that time he said the internet was congested kkk. but i like his music hangu

  19. If today Chinese say we want to mine coal around Christmas pass area some minister apiwa mari anoti ngavapaze togadzira imwe road to get into Mutare. Nature is much more beautiful than money.Thats why tourist part with dollars to come to Africa to see nature at its best. We don’t value what we have until it’s gone. Shame

  20. Well done baNtu beDomboshava; we must all stand up and protect what is ours. Every time we fight against such evil, in Matabeleland, they are quick to call us tribalists. Amandla 💪🏿

  21. Why is our African leaders not smart? Is it possible for an African to go to China and buy a land to say, I need to build an African business in here in China just like that…. No . Wake up Mama Africa.
    We’re here in Europe and we see how things are going on here.

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