Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa says country is 'safe' – BBC News

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa says political opponents are likely to have been behind the attack on his life on Saturday.
Mr Mnangagwa told the BBC’s Fergal Keane he would hunt down the “criminals”, but insisted his country was “the most stable” in the region.

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50 Responses

  1. ED phee just go to hell your going around spreading lies you run away. From the country because you wanted soldiers and police to kill

  2. soft as wool u say.. how many people hve ur soldiers killed since the fuel protests started..

  3. BBC should be asking you today…how many criminals have been jailed after the coup. Dofo will just remain a DOFO

  4. You say u are soft but your soldiers are ruthlessly beating n killing pple in e streets……what do u mean Mr President?

  5. Killer not nyc man.The majority of people doesnโ€™t want to see you.You are a partyโ€™s president not Zimbabwean president.Nothing lasts for forever,time shall come.God is watching.

  6. proud to be Zimbabweanย  I can walk any time of the day in the streets unlike other nations

  7. Yaaaaaa kutaura chokwadi varime vakurwa ava vese zvavo yaive simbi ndimugabe uyu unorwara uyu haambosviki pazera ra bobo achikugona kukanda tsoka uyu unorwa

  8. Country is safe,with you and Chiwenga. Zimhuno. Machende akauyana wakakaurayisa vanhu. Kuda kutonga kuti urambe uchidzvanyirira vanhu. Zigotsi….

  9. Kkkkkk, mr interviewer you are just a meet to that idiot kkkkk, canโ€™t you see his lips tells a different story to what his face shows., the same criminal as bob and grace they all deserve one punishment wich is a pit of fire

  10. what a failure,, after rigging the elections this punk is still globe trotting bringing nothing to suffering Zimbabweans who didn’t vote for him

  11. This guy is the worst thing Zimbabweans would like .Just wait and see .Time is the only unit of measurement .

  12. Kkkkkk what can we do???he is the new President zec says he is the winner and can we say no?on what bases?

  13. Dumb and dumber leading the country. They can’t even converse cohesively in English. IDIOT!!!

  14. By the time of Zapu and zipra had fight at Intumbani Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo has spoken with the freedom fighter not to fight he managed to stop the fighting you have run away if you are really the president how could you live the country when people need you to tell them with this problem for things going up every people are suffering Mnagangwa the blood of people of Zimbabwe is crying over you since the time of Gukurawundi Mnagangwa to tell the true you are very bad murder person for you to kill is a celebrition thing but your time will come our Lord our God will deal with you forever

  15. Mmnangagwa will never change just do the best for Zimbabweans and resign we want a better Zimbabwe

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