Zimbabwe: Opposition leader Chamisa calls Zimbabwe election 'fraudulent' – BBC News

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa called Zimbabwe’s election result, which President Emmerson Mnangagwa won with 50.8% of the vote, “fraudulent, illegal, and illegitimate” during a press conference that was delayed by riot police in the capital Harare.

Speaking to journalists at the Bronte Hotel, the MDC Alliance party leader reiterated his allegation that the election “rigged”.

“Mr Mnangagwa did not win the election in this country … we won this election emphatically,” he said.

“We won this election and we are ready to form the next government.”

He also referred to the riot police disrupting the event.

“This is not the behaviour of people who had won, it is behaviour of people who had lost.”

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50 Responses

  1. this young man should be good leader for the future if there is a democracy in the Zimbabwe.

  2. How about the Zimbabweans think about moving forward and rebuilding the country. This seems to me like someone who wants to be a president so bad that he fights to put sanctions on his on people that he claims to be fighting for. Does not make sense to me….
    does not seem like a leader who is sacrificing power for the better of his people for the next 5-4 years

  3. Shame on you BCC. Broadcasting news without the full gist of how violence was incited. People’s shops vandalised by mdc alliance supporters, people beaten to death by Mdc alliance supporters because they could not march with them. And you expect that the army should have just watched people go in disarray through a violent protest? BBC, you have always hated Zimbabweans. You only want to benefit. White Supremacists. Well guess what, The world knows you funded tsvangirai and nothing worked. Well, ED is more intelligent than Mugabe. Keep your sanctions, we do not care, we are fed up and used to them. Brexit should teach you something about unions. Zim is a Godly nation, time will come that zim will be successful with sanctions or not. Poking your noise in African States all the time, shame on you. Mugabe was correct when he said you should keep the your Britain. Of all the observers, only a British and an American observer saw a negative. BBC, a biased broadcaster, centered on racial discrimination. Zimm will NEVER BE YOUR COLONY AGAIN!!

  4. I personally enjoy the move made by honorable president N.C for the M.D.C Alliance

  5. Chamisa ngikuthandela ukuthi ulesibindi njalo iqiniso uyalazi.Keep it up and don’t allow Zanu ukuthi baqilile

  6. this Chamisa guy is just something, at first i tried to believe him but he is a man of words without proof, honestly ndokunzwira tsitsi Chamisa, hauna tsitsi neZimbabwe all you want is to be president, nxaaaaaaaaaaaa, your file in court is useless, why is it that you dont have v11 forms when all the other candidates have those forms, You are a loser Chamisa, this is different from University politics

  7. You are talking the truth My president Chamisa… but be careful these people of Zanu P F they are evil, cruel

  8. The international community to lift sanctions close investors out and therefore no job creation, that does not affect Chamisa or mnangagwa

  9. Mnangagwa is an agent financed by the international community to destabilize the economy of Zimbabwe by giving native African land to the descendants of colonists. A 90 year old leading Zimbabwe to its grave 😷😷.
    Chamisa understands the global economy & order, young & charismatic full of democracy & justice. If he becomes the president Zimbabwe economy will change in less then 5 years. Nelson Chamisa is the legitimate president of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa is a dictator & illegitimate president of Zimbabwe he needs to go 😷.

  10. To my dear brother Chamisa,

    I am kindly asking you to let this election go in the name of God, why I say so is because, our father and president Mnangagwa was the one who removed Mugabe from power and we should all respect him for that. No matter what transpired, whether the elections were rigged or not, please just take the results as they are for now and let us move on and built Zimbabwe. Would it be fair for a man who paved the way for Zimbabweans, to rule the country for only 9 months? I don’t think so, it would only be fair for Mnangagwa to take this term and then in 2023 your turn will come. Do you honestly think that if Mugabe was still in power you would have even challenged the elections, of course not, because the elections would not have been peaceful in the first place, not free and fairwith no international observers at all. So please my dear brother, in honour and respect for what our father Mnangagwa done for Zimbabwe, please let this election go and look forward to the 2023 ones. Please let us join hands together and move forward, five years is not too much to wait, let us have patients and move on, your turn is just around the corner my dear brother, that is what a wise man like yourself will do for the nation of Zimbabwe. Let our father Mnangagwa be. Thank you and God bless you for your wisdom and understanding.

  11. The peoples president.We r with u ol e way.We shall neva feel safe w e current dispensation wch z e old dispensation.The army z a wing o zanu n e blood o our brethren we lost lies solely n zanu pfs hands as usual.

  12. Proof them wrong Nelson Chamisa….. fight fight fight fight.!! Only you can make Zimbabwe a better place to call home and to invest in.!!!!

  13. Chibaba chakakwapaidzwa ichi chakunyara cz chaitaurisa kkkkkkkkkkk apa chichikungotaura kuti chakawinner kkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Tell them you are a leader who can change this troubled country full of greedy leaders #Godisinit fear no evil you are protected by God

  15. This is very silly Zimbabwe was doing fine since November, Power hungry mediocre, how can Zimbabwe progress with such immaturity, people voted peacefully and it was fair, sore loser, to be honest, l wouldn’t have voted for Chamisa even if you were paying me, you remind me of Mugabe and his wife power hungry, if this kind of person rules he will rule for 55 years, he has the opportunity to speak freely because of Mnangagwa and his team to liberated us from Mugabe regime,

    The international community is very silly to even entertain him, So all the observers are not credible? that is really bad and a waste of whichever taxpayer paid for their stay in Zimbabwe. Harare is not the whole of Zimbabwe, the rest of the nation is not interested in all this, May the souls that died rest in peace, Hooligans started the violence and it is a shame and unfortunately, the rest of the world must carry on,

    The change is with Mnangagwa, he can try in 5 years

  16. You said god is in it which God is this one? now making you running around the world for help we elected him mnangagwa you are lying it won’t wrk for you unotaurisa apa maziso atsvuka ne stress

  17. the problem with the opposition toddler leader is that he thinks he has a monopoly over public surpot .ED won lets MOVE ON

  18. How does he know kuty he won?…..i dnt get it….juc because he got votes in Harare doesnt mean tt the whole of Zimbabwe voted fr you…..🤔

    Thank you

  19. You will see that Zimbabwe is not ruled by the world but by God it will not work for you Chamisa . Who is your God really

  20. we Africans will fight, we find it necessary. we know we will win, because we are confident in the victory of good over evil

  21. I value your effort in fighting for people rights …but I against Biti saying he will fight that Zimbabwe must not get funds from the international market ..
    I found that selfish since your relatives live in Europe…Did you sit down and think of ordinary Zimbabweans who do not have such privileges …
    We support the fight but think of a lot of people on the ground on your idea of sanctions you calling for as they will destroy the majority

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