Zimbabwe crisis: Who's the 'crocodile'? – BBC News

Is Zimbabwe’s former vice president, also known as the “crocodile” behind the military takeover?
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27 Responses

  1. I call on the Federal Republic of Germany not to give drugs to drug addicts, but to rid them of this deadly habit in clinics. Who gives drugs to a drug addict that kills a person. Drugs are transported and Afghanistan, politicians help sell under the guise of love for man.
    Why should not Merkel fight the drug mafia? How do Germans become addicts?

  2. To all the people saying that Zimbabweans chased out the whites and caused a genocide , make sure you don’t forget that why the white people were there in the first place and who started killing who first.
    Fuck western media it lies to you all.

  3. We all know that even if Mugabe leaves, another african dictator will just take his place. Oh well, thats what you get for chasing out the whites; you brought this on yourselves.

  4. Alexa Chung is quite nice to look at but she scares me too because she’s alarmingly intelligent, I find her quite intimidating

  5. I think Mugabe has a human rights abusive double.He is in the UK and psychologically tortured a man,took his human right to life,family and privacy from him.This double lives and works in the NHS,the British television industry and abuses with impunity,without challenge.I will tell this Mugabe double were to go,I don’t like him or the industries that protect him.
    He is boring,repetitive and is grotesque for his action of stealing a human life by psychological means.

  6. Coloured people don’t deserve to have their own country. This is not racism but the truth. No coloured countries except Japan were successful when they were not ruled by white people(especially, Great Britain).

  7. Like I was going to do a bunch of steroids and ride around on a motorcycle in my underwear around Emma Watson

  8. She is BERENIKE, an elder Greek statesperson and member of the order of ancients she held the Faiyum in an iron grip!

    Wrong everything sorry

  9. they crok is UK / USA / NATO trying to do what the know best regime change to control and cause mesery to Africa

  10. Bbc so full of shit. Talking about mugabe meanwhile thw royal family is hidding money around the world to avoid tax.

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