Zimbabwe crisis: 'People sense Robert Mugabe is gone' – BBC News

Jubilant scenes are unfolding on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, as protests demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have turned to a celebration of the army’s role in ending his grip on power.

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  1. I must commend the people of Zimbabwe peacefully standing by the Army as to peacefully end crisis that had lasted for the past 37 years.  Mr. Mugabe, you need to go and rest yourself before meeting your Maker.  As a Liberian in West Africa, I am impressed about the level of majority played by the peace loving people of Zimbabwe in that I have not hear about any looting, death etc. since Wednesday.  This is because of your love of your beloved Country. This is also a clear indications that indeed you are 90% literate in that country.ThanksBenjamin Koryah

  2. Robert Mugabe was born in Yorkshire he was youngest brother of the queen of England but he choose to be came dictator 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. The Caucasians are more delighted than the people of Zimbabwe themselves. Can someone update me why, if there a reason behind it?

  4. as I read this I ask myself what the fuck is it about humans that has allowed us to be still hanging on to life as a species. people are insane, crap, stupid, ridiculous, racist, ..every imaginable negative can be applied to those commenting here.

    and the jackass black people of Zimbabwe dancing over Mugabe…is that true or are we being taken for a ride here with footage cast to mean what it does not. anyhow just wait till the black traitors who deposed Mugabe begin to give the land back to the white farmers..and black people end up on the streets again, hungry and homeless.

    do Black people deserve to survive? no we dont! stupidity is not a virtue and supportive of existential factor of survival. stupidity is totally irelevant

  5. Mugabe hated the vile , left-wing liberal, propaganda machine : The BBC . He even banned the BBC from Zimbabwe and for that alone he is a hero. God Bless Bob Mugabe and may he one day be canonized .

  6. LOL what country in Africa isn’t riddled with corruption and extremely backward and underdeveloped? Nigeria is one of the most resource rich countries with oil and many other deposits and is a hell hole

  7. See, where I’ve been going wrong in life was looking for friends that I have things in common with, same romantically, mainly I just look for women with common interests, this is flawed, most people are looking to create relationships with people above themselves in the social hierarchy, I had noticed this but thought it was uncommon, actually, when looking for people I have things in common with, it’s just me, I’m the only one, everyone else operates solely on a hierarchy basis

  8. The British caused all this, they are like the colon in the human body, everything the British touches turns to SHIT

  9. Zimbabwe (were local black race people average IQ is under 70) needs desperately great white race leaders and industrial tycoons like Cecil John Rhodes, who was a gay guy by the way, once was and white race people commonly. Without the white master race people (average IQ around 100) Zimbabwe and whole Black Africa commonly are doomed to economic chaos, agricultural decline, poverty and common misery. Robert Mugabe only totally destroyed the great wealthy flourished land, Rhodesia, which Cecil Rhodes and the African colonial era white European origin white people once built and made flourish. The another option is then Asian yellow race "new colonial era" masters to Africa. I don´t anyway believe that for example Chinese yellow racemaster people (average IQ 100) could be any better than the white race master people in Africa. Robert Mugabe anyway caused an agricultural catastrophe and a serous lack of food in Zimbabwe when he stole the farm lands of the Zimbabwe´s white minority, who had professional farming and agriculture skills, and shared the lands to his own black race supporters without any kind of farming and agriculture skills. Rhodesia ruled by the white race minority was once called the granary of Southern Africa and it was a significant grain and other food products exporter. Trade and industry flourished too in Rhodesia and especially white race people had very high living standard, but the black race people too had commonly relatively good living conditions. Robert Mugabe and only few decades black race political power in Zimbabwe destroyed and ruined everything and today the wealthiest country of Africa is the poorest country full of economic and agricultural misery and decline. The white man´s burden was once historically very real and accurate in the colonial era Black Africa.

  10. Does anyone think there’s something odd going on? I don’t think he was the issue but rather him and his party… At least my white friends can feel safer now.

  11. So, when does the civil war start? Will it be a Congo or a Rwanda? Lots of business for the illegal – and legal for that matter – arms traders.

  12. Zimbabwe is a village of fools. ZANU-PF political party will hurt them again. Out of the fire, and back into the frying pan.

  13. Ask z world n USA – why they r silent on z " Controlled Demolition" of z" WORLD Trade Centre". Why z world Media is still using Islam n Muzlim as z escapegoat? Why Media is not talking about z insider conspiracy? Why John Mc Cain is cracking a wide cheer with ISiS in Syria.? Why Hilary Clinton created Alqaeeda?. 1900 experts,Scientists n Architects have proved WTC demolition is z plan of z Israelite Zionists n z American Zionists. Why Z Media is not informing z most " uninformed" european, west , America n z whole world instead of " Blaming Islam n Muzlim" to annihilate z petro-dollar Muzlim World? Think n work on this as R.Gage,C.Bollyn, Rabbi Dovid Weiss, A.Weir,Miko Pelled,Anna Baltzer n z Authentic Orthodox Jews r manifesting their discontent /opposition against z Israelite n American zionists wiz their conspirators like Donald Rumsfeld, Bush n ozers.

  14. Jesus Christ……a military coup happens in Zimbabwe nobody dies, people go to the airport in Kenya to welcome the peoples President and they get shot dead by police. The exact figure is not even known. WHAT IRONY!

  15. Queen like Mugabe , she give him knighthood and invite him to Buckham castle for dinner. Mugabe will stay in poweher

  16. This is where it would make sense to eat cats, because you’re not allowed to breed pigs in a house really, chickens need a certain amount of space

  17. After 10 years they will miss Mugabe, as Syria misses Muhammad Kadafi, … England and the other imperialists should be happy! And why they never promote a coup d’etat to the supposed king of Spain?

  18. People of Zimbabwe, again thanks  for your high degree of maturity.  Mr. Mugabe needs to quietly agree with his people and leave so as to enjoy his wealth.  There is common saying in Liberia which say " If you bypassed your respect, it is obvious that you will meet your disgrace" Your people have spoken as well AU. Enough is enough

  19. We should remember, food banks are awesome, no one is starving to death, but if it wasn’t for the remnants of Christianity and christian charity that drives the food bank concept, right now Britain would be Venezuela, you wouldn’t be able to walk out of the house without getting killed or robbed

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