Zimbabwe civilians ‘traumatised’ by unjustified attacks

A year ago Zimbabwe was supposedly turning a page with the fall of Robert Mugabe.

But in recent days our screens have been filled with pictures taking us right back to the darkest days of the Mugabe era.

New president Emmerson Mnangagwa says claims that security forces tortured and killed protesters will be investigated.

Fresh reports of civilians being beaten by men in black ski masks have led to fears that any promise of a new democracy, is nothing but a false dawn.

Sky’s Africa correspondent John Sparks reports from the opposition stronghold of Bulawayo, which is the country’s second largest city.

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40 Responses

  1. 📰 *VE43*: *Human Rights Doctors Flee👀 As Soldiers Descend On ‘**#ShutDownZim**’ 🚷Victims*

    National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) reports that rights doctors were forced to abandon ShutDownZim victims and run for life after soldiers allegedly entered a private health facility and assaulted patients.

    The soldiers reportedly assaulted the patients accusing them of taking part in the protests which rocked the country in January.

    The (NTJWG) report reads:

    "Human rights doctors who have been treating the wounded are now in hiding as the state is hunting them down for treating victims of military and police brutality which has resulted in several deaths and injuries to civilians. Victims are not safe when receiving medical care.

    "…On 21 January 2019, the soldiers stormed a private medical facility where 28 victims of military brutality were receiving treatment and further assaulted and arrested them.

    "The situation warrants immediate intervention by the international community to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable."

    The crackdown on protests has resulted in the death of over 12 people. Hundreds more have been wounded while more than 1 000 have been arrested.

  2. Nobody cares anymore. I think most Europeans are sick of Africa now. It’s sad but we all grew up fundraising for them and speaking out against the hardships they face, only to have them come live in our countries and have so many of them hate us and call us racist all the time. Tell us we can’t fly our own flag, etc.

  3. Now tell me, looking at the last 40 years from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. Which time was the best

  4. Why do Zimbabweans vote for someone like Mnangagwa to be their president,they did a big mistake.

  5. How is this? I thought Zimbabwe was a highly farmed country?? Ohhh ..
    I forgot that was years ago .

  6. People let’s fight the tyranny we need guns this muderous dictators misuse the guns that’s why then take us at ransom .

  7. The EDOMITES and the HAMITES have teamed together along with Moab and others to ANNHILATE all the 13 TRIBES OF MTHWAKAZI.

  8. That’s what happens when people with no brains run a country. !!!!!.it’s the people own fault. !!!!.

  9. What does the World Expect???? Many whites have been killed or have left over the years, so there is nobody with the knowledge to create business , manage or produce food for the country. 40 years of oppression and corruption by Baboons has left the country in total ruins……..These people have only themselves to blame FACT….

  10. They think power last forever we are going to do the same to them ….inguva chete tichavauraya vese… n very slowly

  11. The issue here is obviously gun control, if those people had guns in there possession and controlled them (meaning they could hit the intended target) we would quit hearing about these sorts of atrocities.

  12. I talked to someone a couple years ago whose wife was from Zimbabwe. I didn’t know anything about the country except it’s in Africa. He was telling me I would be killed there with no hesitation.

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