Zimbabwe bans foreign currency

Zimbabwe will no longer accept foreign currency.
The government today announced only Zimbabwean dollars will be valid for local transactions. Courtesy #DStv403

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  1. It not economist making these disissions, it’s people who has no understanding of what it takes to stabilize a country’s be economy. Exchanging bullion for useless paper, what about oil and pipeline to refinery stabilize your 💰 money, these should be national priorities, If there is no one with, hire someone, oh I forgot, you won’t listen.

  2. All the government in Zimbabwe wanna do is steal, day light robbery . Have the people of Zimbabwe not suffered enough, seem like there is no way out.

  3. No electricity no running water, how sorry I feel you, breaks my heart, arguably the most beautiful country in the world with the best people.

  4. people will still accept the US dollar, you need to give the bond notes some time to become respected

  5. Funny how comment section points fingers to Zim corruption…….. meanwhile back home we are moving in the same direction with the removing of property rights and the Reserve bank fiasco…….LOL!!!!

  6. I dont see hope anymore in Zimbabwe. This is the perishing of state.

    This gentleman speaking such thing loudly and proudly.

  7. Why can’t they just use rand. Have a local currency but peg it to rand. This way the government will receive rand and pay people in local currency. Just use the rand. The zim government will save billions due to cheaper payments than if using dollars.

  8. That country is so lost, in this day and age how can you have an evil and satanic and destructive leader like Mnangagwa and his Zanu pf party with so much blood in his hands as a leader and you expect progress? Really? Only in Africa can you find such low IQ.

  9. They are banning foreign currency because that government can’t print foreign money but they can print themselves endless money.

  10. It’s no yet a currency Mr Man ts just a transitional bearer of exchange, new currency will be on ts way you fool

  11. iv always been told zimbabweans are smart people and the ones iv met are so why do you allow idiots to run your country?

  12. The is no wise person in Zimbabwe they are all stupid, we see wisdom by results not by certificates

  13. Bring people with actual knowledge this guy is saying stuff he hears in the streets ….its an embarrassment to your news network ….Rtgs is not a new currency ….there is going to be a new currency coming not Rtgs and Bond notes …..and we never used wheelbarrow ….shame on eNCA

  14. Yes take more farms and kick white people out these are tour results so dont complain

  15. I will accept it here in South Africa and use it when I’m in Zimbabwe. That is a true Black market. Let this be a currency that all African people accept event if our poppets governments reject it. We as the people should use it and it will gain it’s value. Money is simply just a way of trading.

  16. We are not producing anything in Zimbabwe to back our economy. Zim dollar will not survive even an hour on the market. Better we use multi currency as usual.

  17. Hmm your analysis is flawed certainly things are different from 2008. Total RTGS balances are 1.5B certainly no billionaires at this moment no billion dollar prices but high prices but not much money available for the common man as salaries have not been increased. I can see Retailers reducing prices due to fall in demand.

  18. Smallish population, Highly fertile lands, uber rich mining deposits and they cannot think their way out of the deep pit of (((communism))) they dug themselves into…. crying shame.
    Doesn’t it occur to these geniuses to ask for policy assistance…. (((idiocracy)))… coming to the korruptly governed SA soon!

  19. Zimbabweans are plane clean dumb or born slave material, like ZanuPf won by 50%+ who are those 50% who voted for them? And why?

  20. All African countries must follow suit! We have been in bed with the foreign beast far too long. It’s time to pull out!

  21. With the matter of Zİmbabwe, most of us have understood the evil behind Money.
    Paper money is a weapon belonging to a white man and its evil.
    Long live Zimbabwe! Long live the comrade Mugabe.

  22. Why is Zimbabwe a failure in all the spheres as a country despite having an alleged highly educated people. Their citizens running away from their own legitimate government and poverty is destabilising the whole of Southern Africa.

  23. Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 is a lost course, And SA is next. Your news look so pro.

    But you all living a dream.

    You need a suitcase of notes to buy a life of 🍞.

  24. Honestly guys Zimbabwe is having issues but this guys from outside kind of exaggerate as they make fun of us, we see you.

  25. I was in zim 2dayz bak its horrible streetwise 2 kfc R150 really,in toilets no water apart from carrying a bucket to use in toilet

  26. man’s stating facts! the introduction of a new currency will crumble just like the bond n stupid RTGS_only thing thats changing here is the name of the currency coz ey aint changin a damn thing we still aremt exporting n we in drowning in debt economy is ruined – so how will the intro of a new currency save the nation!??

  27. But the new currency is coming when ts ripe, when it becomes a success where will you be. Those are just your wishes. Yes it not yet tradable because ts not yet a currency. Zimbabweans are not fools. That’s just negative publicity about you own country you taking to the media for some political interests you fool.

  28. This is not a new deal Malawi,Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, and more african countries currencies don’t work in other countries why do you want to force the government to have a currency that works outside it’s not possible

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  30. Zimbabweans must understand the universal principles. What they must understand is that this is a results of what they did for their country. They are too negative about their They must rebuild their country without being negative. I think it’s good to hear that they have banned all other currencies. In South Africa we already had lots of problems about money crossing the boarders without being counted for. Zimbabwe must rebuild Zimbabwe and the problem is that the Zimbabweans especially those who fraudulently have South African ID are too negative about their own mess. We reap our sowing. I told our President that home affairs officials must be vetted and investigated and if one is found to have done fraud then all the IDs issued by that person going 10 years+ must be revoked so that people must reapply to see all the corruption. South African has a plan to fix it’s mess and Zimbabwe must do the same without being parasites. We are saying this as Scientists not politicians and we have broader knowledge about how things work in the Universe. When Zimbabwe comes up with something new, already the Zimbabweans are so negative about it with their minds scanning what might go wrong. This is the problem. A country won’t be fixed by negative minds and also people must be proud about their own country and they must have a positive mindsets to rebuild the country they have torn apart consciously. Zimbabwe is not the first country which has experienced a decline. All powerful nations went through the same and someone might say not like Zimbabwe. Yes, it’s because Zimbabwe is an extremely negative country. People must build everything n positivity then it will be ok.

  31. They will team up with China, their investor mothership, maybe Argentina and Russia will come on board with BITCOIN. Since EU, Australia et al are abandoning printed format. That way it’s per each COUNTRY/REGION real GDP. As opposed to IMF fiddled stats as per hundred of years. Where are the diamonds ground??

  32. The hyperinflation is designed to allow super rich speculators to buy up assets for nothing. This was how Hugo Stinnes (Germany 1920s) bought up most of German industry for nothing.

  33. I went to school with Josepf and how he is so proud to dismiss attempts by his countrymen to restore stability and prosperity is shocking! He proffers no alternative and offers no solutions. He is clueless and for a presidential candidate it’s a disaster! Critise without responsibility!

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