Zimbabwe army takeover: Latest Updates – BBC News

Zimbabwe’s military has placed President Robert Mugabe under house arrest in the capital Harare, South African President Jacob Zuma says.
Mr Mugabe told Mr Zuma in a phone call that he was fine, the South African leader’s office said.
Troops are patrolling the capital, Harare, after they seized state TV and said they were targeting “criminals”.
The move may be a bid to replace Mr Mugabe with his sacked deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, BBC correspondents say.
Mr Mnangagwa’s dismissal last week left Mr Mugabe’s wife Grace as the president’s likely successor.

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  1. No one is speaking about the crippling debt owed to the Mainland Chinese by Zimbabwe thx to Mugabe.
    His generous gift that will keep on stealing from Zim taxpayers for decades into the future.

  2. we need peace and love
    Love and Honour respect,rhe man was holding on the land and the properties from outsides

  3. the worst thing to happen to that country was letting blacks run it… look at how perfect Rhodesia was, somehow Terrorists became the leaders, its kinda amazing really was a perfect experiment. Remember and dont forget Britain wanted nothing to do with Rhodesia… they where not a colony, they where not under British rule, why spread propaganda, Rhodesia was independent self proclaimed… Rhodesian whites use to be there own people, the jewel of Africa, the bread basket of Africa.. kick the whites out and the entire fucken country goes to shit. When will you get it? These people don’t know what to do with a country there genetics are made for living in the bush in mud huts they cant live like us, its just bad for them, they need to be looked after by whites. Build there county’s then let them rule , every time they fuck it up like idiot animals, watch how they act and behave, fucken savages….. If you seen what blacks are capable of you would have your mine blown some of the most violet most fucked up shit you could ever imagine, shit you could never dream about these savages do on the daily. Its like dressing a monkey up and tryign to make them live like a man, its cute for a couple hours but you sure dont wanna give them the keys to the city. soon as rodesia gave black majority control it all went to shit, tell it how it is for once..

  4. I’d like to know who wrote the speech the general read. Which intelligence service is calling the shots here?

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  6. WELL the democrats in USA should not have anything negative to say AS they have been trying to stage a coup against PRESIDENT TRUMP!! for well over a year now

  7. Mdc you have lost so don’t cry every election is it is the same thing. Take it like a man out is out go to your home land and look after your goats and sheep

  8. I wish I didn’t have to go to other countries’ news sources to get a solid 15 minute explanation on this.

  9. My gosh what took so long to get rid of him??! Mugabe was horror personified
    Good luck rebuilding Zimbabwe 📈🌻🌿🌾

  10. You BBC idiots. There was no "heavy gunfire" in the city center of Harare. You don’t even know what the gunfire was about

  11. BREAKING ROBERT MUG has over powered 3 guards leaving 2 dead 1 in critical condition , He is armed to the TEETH and totally pissed OFF / they believe he it heading to Toni Blairs residence as it has been his life long ambition to BUTT POP his corrupt ZIONIST SHILL @SS /

  12. 3:15 UK? if they get involved they’ll order the zimbabwes to accept 1 million muslim refugees OH SORRY THEY ONLY INFLICT THAT ON WHITES ………NEVERMIND

  13. Glad to see that Mugabe is on a self-imposed "hunger strike".  Welcome to the reality you’ve imposed on your citizens for a few decades, Mugabe.  Consider yourself fortunate that you’re in protective custody; you deserve far worse.

  14. There is not a place on earth where black people are the majority that’s not a Third World Murdering raping low iQ disease riddled shit hole

  15. haha just reading the comments and its funny to see how many people are being racist towards whites…. its just funny to me at this point that people are racist towards anyone….

  16. Obama policy in full glory….we could have been the next Zimbabwe . (Rhodesia without food and farms)

  17. The greatest black leader in Africa who is still Alive. Zimbabwe is the only free African country in Africa all others are still well under control by their previous colonial masters. I only hope who ever after Mugabe finishes his term next year takes over, does not simply hand it back over to its previous masters in return for a visa, education for their kids and a bag of money.

  18. Fuck you Britain,where where you when there was violence against the white farmers,fuck that British cock

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