Xenophobia In South Africa: Counting The Cost

There have been attacks on foreigners and foreign-owned businesses on the streets of at least three South African cities in recent days.

Over the last decade, people from across the continent have found a home in the rainbow country but is all that about to change?

Gist Nigeria looks at the timeline of attacks on individuals and businesses within Joburg, Gauteng and other affected communities, its toll and efforts made so far to resolve the crisis.

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40 Responses

  1. Nigerians can go to Togo. Togo is open for business in Togo land. It is much better than South Africa. Check out Wode Maya’s YouTube video on Togo you’ll love it there. Togoleans are loving and they accept Nigerians.

  2. Cyril maposa is mumu. He is the main cause to this killings cos I can tell you that South Africans do no think before they act. So the statement from Cyril is like telling zombie go zombie go

  3. Black South Africans and White South Africans fully support the xenophobic attacks. Ramaphosa once uttered xenophobic gaffes in a campaign rally. Very few organizations and South African individuals have condemned killing of foreigners over the years.

  4. Tell our Government to give us stable electricity in Nigeria, this will go a long way to our people.Make Nigeria habitable for Nigerians to leave. Give us Electricity ! Give Nigerians electricity !! Give Nigerians!!!. Government of stop stealing our money to foreign countries.

  5. I don’t get it!
    How do private, small scale enterprenurers take their jobs? Did those business owners not set up the business themselves?

  6. I am very sure the people whom Bening Oba called to take over South Africa was the Portugese then when they entered, everyone began to go, in quickly they began to suspect that, that would be the garden of eden, some say it is bethelhem, lies. The land was empty no one was living their in the 15 centuries. I am sure people don’t know their history i will tell them. The real garden was Iyimba Vs Benin,the Biafra land

  7. Who decided to use the word xenophobe against people indigenous to the continent of Africa? All media accepted the term. They are only reinforcing the artificial borders drawn by the true xenophobes, whites.

  8. it seems like Nigerians have issues with all of the black diaspora. All cant be lazy and worthless. What is going on in Nigeria and why are they always running?

  9. Some of the facts in this video is questionable… Whites make up less than 7% of the population and the middle class in SA are predominately black. 95% of the wealth in this country is not caught up in the hands of whites, like claimed in the segment. Business are regulated, so employers don’t strive to employ foreign people at a lessor wage, that is a blatant lie. The reality is that locals don’t want to work for set wages by government, simple… The ANC and the EFF are so detached from the people in the street that i find it hard to believe they are still in power. The people in the street dont worry about whom helped the ANC 30-40 years ago during apartheid. The EFF continuously pushes for racial divide and being in-tolerant of others, pink skins. Yet, they have no problem taking money from the rich whites in dodgy deals and selling off assets to China and running away with monies, stealing from the poor and looting banks. Rot starts at the top and for the last 25 years the ANC has been on top, doing nothing for the people and still blaming apartheid 25 years after 1994. (apartheid ended in 1991)

  10. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it! Let’s not forget that in 1983 and 1985 over 2 million West African immigrants, mostly Ghanaians, were expelled from Nigeria following xenophobic attacks instigated by Nigerian leaders. Thousands would die during the passage across Benin and Togo into Ghana. I’m from East Africa and an ardent panafricanist! It’s a tragedy what’s happening in South Africa. But we should not forget history. Nigerians were also perpetrators of xenophobic attacks on African immigrants living in Nigeria in the 1980s. We should not vilify the entire South African black community for the attacks on immigrants. Those who are guilty are thugs hired by "big business" trying to eliminate competition!

    Wake up NIGERIANS.


  13. POINT OF CORRECTION THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA DID NOT ASK TO EVACUATE HIS PEOPLE. IT WAS CEO of Air Peace Allen Onyema for having the heart and love of his people to bring them back (FIRST) out of HIS OWN pocket of N300 million when all 700 will return. He will go down in history. We have to look out for one another.

  14. But black peoples can’t be racist, according to the leftist socialist western media . Are we being lied to?

  15. Oga the South Africans cannot stop killing – It is the spirit of Apartheid that is attacking them in their sleep. Their forefathers are crying for blood just like cain and abel. Fetch tyre now! oya! (KMT)

  16. Hard working for cooking drugs, Car hijacking, prostitution and cyber crime. That’s is a majority of Nigeria. They are in all provinces distributing drugs and doing other crimes. Goodluck on fighting crime mzansi.

  17. South African are immigrants too

    Yes South Africans are immigrants too. Not in the US, not in German nor UK but in Africa. Have you ever heard of a place called South West Africa? Or the tenth province of South Africa?  Well, in 1990 that province separated itself from South Africa and named itself Namibia. Now, this is what happened, when Namibia gained independence in 1990 from South Africa, she carried along all South Africans who were residents in the province of South West Africa.

    Some of you might say they are no longer South Africans but Namibians so it’s doesn’t matter.  No that’s not case, they are 100% Namibians and 100% South Africans. Let me explain, to these days, Namibians born before 1990 are still in possession and use South African ID and the South African government still regard them as ‘former citizens’. So according to the South African immigration law, former citizens (Namibians) have the right to activate their South African citizenship if they wish to do so. Furthermore, Namibias born after independence, which 1990 are eligible for South African citizens via citizenship by descent, since their parents were South Africans citizens they are eligible for South African citizenship. Therefore, this means that all the 2.2 millions Namibians can become South African citizens if they wish do so.

    The notion that South African are not immigrants in other Africans country is false. Over 60% the people living in Namibia are South Africans if we go by immigration laws. In fact the entire  population of Namibia are South Africans.

    The point that I want to put forward is this; we are all immigrants. Southern Africa is not for Bantu people or European nor Asian. Southern Africa is for San people. Survival circumstances forced our forefathers to come here from West Africa the very same people that we hate. Stop it, and stop embarrassing Africa with your xenophobic attacks against other foreigners.

    August and september 2019 we have seen xenophobic attacks against other foreigners.
    They have been attacking other foreigners, looting their shops, burning them to death and calling them Makwerekwere an offensive term to use against foreigners.

    South Africans are accusing foreigners of taking their jobs, engaging in drug dealing and all sort of illicit acts. They think and believe that without foreigners South Africa would be doing just good. But the truth is this; South Africans themselves are the main cause of all lawlessness that’s going on in South Africa. If you are in South Africa or have been to South Africa, you very well know that most of the drug dealing, Cash in transit, kidnapping and murders are committed by South African themselves.

    Stop it, Stop it

  18. If South Africa is Africa’s largest economy,why are its citizens killing other Africans because of jobs that don’t exist

  19. Mehn, Imo state better pass these Rwanda people oh…. Africans think very shallow, how can some very poor people, knowing fully well that their potential inlaws are not really well to do and you as a parent open mouth and demand almost half a million dollars as dowry.

  20. I totally disagree because with working for free for any organisation is not a solution even though it adds skills to you doesn’t necessarily guarantee employment. I believe stopping nepotism and rewarding efforts and providing smes business support to grow in the economy can guarantee success that leads to reduction of unemployment.

  21. i wonder what Kind of fight did mandela fought, hw come they dont have Control of what they took from them

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