Why is Zimbabwe in such a bad way? – BBC News

The recent history of a country in turmoil.

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  1. Simple answer: Robert Mugabe. You fail mention him killing and allowing the people of Zimbabwe to be killed, nor how, if townships were successful, they would be destroyed as ‘enemies of the State’ for, being successful, they might just pose a threat to Robert Mugabe. The suppression of democracy and the elevation of brutal and conniving men and women to positions of power lead to more brute than connivance, more connivance than power; et voila. Robert Mugabe. He should have been removed long ago, but War Veterans kept him in place.

  2. White pple decreased thier money value and we know that yr system is put down everyone who doesn t want whites to rob Africa.

  3. It was the sanctions that collapsed the economy completely. I’m not a supporter of Mugabe nor the way he went about implementing the land reforms but I support land reforms. People didn’t fight and die for the just the freedom of naming the country the name they want or the flag they like but to reclaim the land, rights and freedoms that were taken from them.

  4. Right they didn’t “give” the farms to the black people the military and government forced white farmers out and illegally seized the farms owned and run by white farmers for years. After that it all went down hill.

  5. The white man´s burden is still today very real and accurate in Black Africa. It seems that there will be in future the yellow man´s burden too because increasing Chinese influence in Zimbabwe. Mugabe stole the farm lands of the white race minority farmers in Zimbabwe, which collapsed totally food production and agricultural sector in Zimbabwe causing lack of food in Zimbabwe. Mugabes discrimation policy against the white race minority in Zimbabwe ruined and declined too industry, trade financial sector and state finnaces in Zimbawe. Before as the white race ruled and governed the wealthiest country in Africa is today the one of the poorest. Now the deeply rotten and corrupt black race political leaders in Zimbabwe are so desperate that they are even ready to replace the European colonial era white race masters Chinese yellow race masters who are commonly as intelligent as the white race masters were (IQ about 100), but Chinese new colonial masters are commonly surely not less racist as the white masters. Chinese people are very proud of their ancient great civilization and they are surely as racist or even more racist as the white people commonly. Besides the Mugabe´s dictatorship was based on black race racism against white people minority in Zimbabwe. Mugabe was not any better man than the worst colonial era white racist leaders in Rhodesia.

  6. You know what Zimbabwe was before it was a British colony? A bunch of people poking around in the dirt.

  7. who are you to call Mugabe a tyrant when your presidents kill a lot of innocent people in the middle east. All you do is call African Presidents tyrants and dictators and taking them to the ICC. Who took Bush to the ICC??? You talk about violation of human rights when in your countries police shoot and kill a lot of people. Stop talking about Africa and stay in your countries.

  8. Sounds like the BBC is avenging the British loss of Zimbabwe.
    English is what makes their rates of literacy high .. In other words, God save the queen. Lol

  9. The leftie comrades got in power an fucked the country up more while they sat living it large an just blamed the white man. Why do lefties fuck every country up they get in? Or they like to make the masses as piss poor as everyone else while they have it great while stocking resentment.

  10. Simple… CORRUPTION & THEFT. Africans are born poor naturally, therefore the minute they are in poor they run straight to the safe and steal everything in it. European politicians also steal but they steal in small bits here and there but an AFRICAN will dig their heals in and loot the whole damn lot without thinking of tomorrow..

  11. bcaz in their mind set, their fades depend on God. Every successfulness or loss they face are not due to their own actions their own responsibility, but God, the one wjo make their life’s decision for them and the accepted.

  12. Zimbabwe is a great country with great people. They are kind, generous, highly intelligent and hard working. Their problem has been being ruled by a despot. The Zimbabwean people will deal with this crisis in their way and with the dignity they show in everything. My friends from Zimbabwe both black and white are some of the best people I know.

  13. Zimbabwe does not look like that you racists visit the only poor areas in the country & make a documentary knowing damn well the majority of the country is developed

  14. Future prophecy: Mugabe wil resign after having several talks with Mnangagwa. This was the original plan all along. This will make Mnangagwa a hero that saved the people from Mugabe. The people, zanu pf and the war vets are simply pawns or tools being used in the long CON game. Zimbabweans will then be fooled into voting Mnangagwa to be president next year. This is called a long con. There is a great mastermind behind this. Well played!

  15. Socialism, Marxism and racism of the radical left is what killed Zimbabwe. Kind of like what Corbin has planned for the UK.

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  17. RHODESIA , why fake bbc does not even mention old name before marxists took over and run rich country and well fed people to the ground

  18. BBC get out of other countries..stick your nose where its wanted ..stop trying to shame people ..

  19. Very British that they don’t even acknowledge Rhodesia Britains most loyal colony rebelled and defied them with UDI just Mugabe led a war and win independence from Britain that’s a over simplification and dishonest presentation of history.

  20. why only the deceiving British Media talking about this though, They’re taking it away personal, or are they trying to convey to the world that, them British are the ones who care about humanity?. the destruction of humanity and Black people has started from the first day them pathetic colonial British stepped a foot in Africa, and everybody knows the more they develop, the more poverty and disease is spread over Africa. May your colonial ancestors never rest in peace.

  21. Tired of these western media sources deliberately going out of their way to try & convince people that African countries are some barron hellhole ..when in reality their as developed as France or London & your only visiting subsaharan or poor areas of the country

  22. Oversimplified and contextually inaccurate. It appears BBC is attempting to paint Mugabe as a victim… He is not

  23. I am sure that people in Zimbabwe before the colony era were living happily. And I guess it still hurts you white British, how hard Mugabe was killing your wretched theif ancestors.

  24. Mugabe have been genocide the white for the last 20 year! and yet the liberal media keep saying nothing….

  25. Why is Zimbabwe in such a bad way?, quite simple really, Blacks are a regressive race who are unable to sustain a modern western society without stealing, murdering and cheating.

  26. Mugabe did nothing wrong taking back land that was stolen by the brits in the first place. The sad thing is they had no knowledge. But taking back the land was right.

  27. Why don’t you go and ask the Chairman of De Beers why their company is so rich and Zimbabwe is bankrupt

  28. So they kicked out the White folks and then didn’t have the wisdom, knowledge or experience to run the country themselves
    Then in a pool of irony as big as the Pacific Ocean they then had to come cap in hand to white nations to feed their own people
    That would be almost funny, if it didn’t kill so many people

  29. Not potential if black ppl run it special American black ppl there the once that started all the wars black guys that went to America and read a little

  30. Lies. Lies everywhere. Everything is framed in the light that land reclamation destroyed Zimbabwes. What horse shit.

  31. i think you’ll find it was already independent from British rule in 1980 – but under white minority rule

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