Why is a South African issue sparking debates in Australia?

A series of violent murders last year have triggered protests by white farmers across South Africa, and debates here in Australia.

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  1. It;s not a political issue … eh … it is a political issue. Since the last election and all the land expropiation of land talks, farm murders have escalated tremendously. Problem is these people are thinking. But they do nothing regarding the violence.

  2. You a lier and a traitor, you can’t trust the ANC as they are responsible for the discrimination against the white people of SA

  3. As a South African I can tell you now this crime won’t be solved

    No it’s not political it’s a racial hate crime

  4. Firstly, the ANC started farm attacks long before 1994 when they were still an outlawed terrorist organization as they saw the farmers as soft targets. The farmers then organized themselves into commandos and the farm attacks stopped because the ANC are basically cowards and run from armed conflict. As soon as Mandela became president, the commandos that had protected farmers were declared illegal and farm attacks resumed. A few other points to note is that this video mentions the massive gap between the rich and poor and insinuates that this is a rich white v poor black problem. firstly, it is no longer a race problem as there are now many more very wealthy blacks than before and many more whites living in squatter camps and squalor than before – this is just a rich versus poor problem and is not unique to South Africa. In fact, the gap between the rich and poor in America is far bigger than in South Africa so this cannot be pointed to as a reason for or justification for farm attacks. Ramaphosa is a liar as he showed in his recent visit to the USA where he publicly denied that there are farm attacks happening in South Africa. Why would he do that if his conscience was clear? The ANC owns millions of acres of land in South Africa that is not being utilized at all – why not give that to those who want land? It is a well documented fact that the vast majority (over 90%) of those who have made land claims opted for a cash payout rather than receiving land – so much for wanting land. I live in Zululand and you can drive for miles in any direction and see vast areas of land owned by blacks – I do not for a moment believe this lie that 10% of the population own 60% of the land. I’ve lived here my whole life and can attest to the fact that you can drive all over South Africa and see vast areas of land owned by blacks. It might be true that 60% of agriculturally productive land belongs to white farmers – but that is because they have made the land that they BOUGHT agriculturally productive. With exception of Gazankulu – this has most definitely not been the case for most land owned by blacks in South Africa. Most of their land is overgrazed and the most common form of farming you will find if any is subsistence farming. What you will also see in South Africa is that most of those who are shouting for expropriation without compensation are wealthy or middle class blacks living in homes that they own in urban areas. It is purely political and it is a deliberate attack on white farmers led mostly by the ANC and strongly supported by the EFF.

  5. Those white farmers need to sell their land for whatever they can get, then get the hell out of there. Seems like it’s only a matter of time before SA turns into another Zimbabwe.

  6. So if I go to Britain and buy land is it mine or the migority.s land do I still nead to pay the banks those that not qualify as theft the minority has no voise look at all the raishal slogans kill the bore cut the troght of whitnes are whe not being threatened

  7. Looks like people aren’t believing the bs black victim narrative anymore.. but go ahead, lets have them get the farmers land and see what becomes of that land in short order. smh disgusting denial.

  8. No one is allowed to talk about WHO is doing the murdering so it will therefore never end..

  9. I left SA 2 months ago and i am currently seeking asylum in the US. SA is too dangerous to live in and i feel like the ANC,EFF is the main reasons. Its also the crime. US has been very friendly towards me and i think its SA thats the problem

  10. The Farmers are and where Rabid Racists who stole land off Africans by force. sanctioned by racist governments The British & Dutch Armies and Populations of Both countries have much to answer for. . If White people would stop believing themselves as the "Master Race’ and stealing peoples land and natural riches , these things would not be this way

  11. In the past before we had this criminal, corrupt, inept useless government, farmers were never killed at this rate, not even remotely close.
    problem is also caused by the fact that none of the new-age millionaires and politicians create employment or build the country, but devide and destroy is what they do.

  12. Imagine how this story would be told if the colours were reversed.

    Blacks brutally murdered by Whites. White leaders singing and dancing kill the blacks. Take land from black land owners without compensation.

    These things are treated in such a casual way when innocent whites a murdered, but when violent black thugs get killed by police in self defense the screams of Black Lies Matter are heard around the world.

  13. Take your heads out of your assess…. It is totally politically connected! It is a total slaughter of white farmers… Once the farmers are gone the rest of the whites in South Africa will be next.

  14. One year later this disucssion is ridiculous according to what just happens now. More farmers got murdered, the Western Cape is out of control. We all sit in our comfortable chair in the first world an look down to South Africa, and we still watch farmers getting tortured and murdered. Do you want to be in this situation and daily thread?

  15. Laughably this blatant communist racism on display is trying to be passed off as "fair."

    Equality of opportunity going forward is exactly what a free society requires. Equality of outcome is doomed to ruin. How fair is that?

  16. You mean to tell me that there aren’t poor white ppl there? Bull sht! There is plenty of poor white ppl there and they aren’t killing black ppl because they are poor!

  17. The white people better get out before it’s too late when the time is right they will all die

  18. Of course this is a political-racist issue. Leading politicians are openly fomenting violence.

  19. When are we going to address rampant black racism against whites? We all agree the reverse is awful but why does this get a pass?

  20. 400 murders a year in South Africa at height of apartheid. 20000 thousand plus murders a year under black rule.
    Go figure.

  21. How did land reform become the main reason for farm murders? Farm murders have been an issue in our country for over 10 years, way before the conversation about land was started. They’ve just increased over the years. I can’t deal with how people are making this a political issue, you can’t accuse the ANC of both corruption and violence, how can people that are busy chowing money have the energy to order hits on farmers?

    BTW : Even Black South Africans are emigrating for better job opportunities and to run away from the crime. Can we stop making this an issue of white farmers being targeted because of their race?! Farmers are just easy targets for criminals.

  22. I t is a long tome since I have heard such "civilised’ sugar coating. Ben first prize for the latter!!!!

  23. The Government stealing anyone’s land based on race is wrong. It’s no more complicated than that. And no good will come of it.

  24. Why shouldn’t a South African issue raise debates in Australia? The media loves to stick their nose in everyone’s business, except when it’s in the defence of white folks. Sis!

  25. South Africa is turning into the new Liberia , all whites should just move out of the country. There’s on progress since 1995 , it’s just going backwards , just a retarded country.
    Luckily there’s lot’s of other countries to make a peaceful living.
    Hand them all the land and in less than 2 years it will provide nothing.
    Just rename it South Liberia.

  26. Because the scared the aboriginal people will do the same to them they should

  27. Firstly it’s been a monologue and Ben is definitely living in LALA land. Toture of white farmers isn’t normal crime. Solutions given to government about land by farmers has been thrown back in their faces and basically it’s an all or nothing situation. with black on white racism being promoted throughout all spheres of society and particularly the government with Black economic empowerment just excluding all whites

  28. First this woman says it’s being unfairly made out to be a political issue when it isn’t then the host points out valid instances that prove its politically motivated by mentioning the president of SA stating various comments saying it is indeed political. To which she then replies "well yes it is political"….. FFS.

  29. No good new story, just threats of attack, attacks, barbaric murders, racism in employment, racism in business. Total incompetence is moving SA to the brink of ruin.

  30. The last election the EFF gained 22%,—-that is a huge increase from 6%. This woman is actually quite absurd.

  31. She wants to bring race into it, but oh no not the blacks & they want the land for what? So the country staves & goes broke like Zimbabwe or the blacks can have sit down money & blame everyone else like Australia! Bloody IDIOT

  32. Here are the facts. The government in South Africa says whites are evil,full of sin and responsible for all things bad,they sing songs that say "kill the farmer".

    Whites get killed.

    It’s very simple. Help them escape.

  33. So we should feel sorry for you? We black people NEVER forget history and what you did to us

  34. it is genocide and racially driven even openly through some politicians.. if the farmers could get a decent price for their farms and they could all leave.. they can wait a few years until the country collapses and go back buy their farms for pennies on the dollar

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