Who should own South Africa's land? – BBC News

Twenty five years ago this month South Africa’s leaders agreed an historic constitution that paved the way for the end of white rule.

But despite the end of apartheid, the majority of land remains under white ownership.

South Africa’s ANC government says the solution lies in enforced land redistribution.

The BBC’s Africa Editor Fergal Keane explains.

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  1. BBC, removing people from their land is smells of facism and doing so on the basis of race is racist. White south africans are in no way guilty of the sins of their fathers. In comparison would the BBC support as eagerly if descendants of english and scottish planters in northern ireland had to give up their property for what their ancestors stole from the native irish. I would not condone that because it is ridiculous as the land was taken over 400 years ago just like south africa. Typical PC bias and fake news from the BBC who by the way are suposed to be impartial and fair. Shame on you.

  2. There were no agricultural or any other development in the 1600"s .Use some logic and just think about it. A family trekking with all their belongings which includes their livestock tracking from the south towards the north looking for land that can be cultivated. How many locals would be needed to kill them? How did they manage to settle there for years without any conflict? The only area where conflict occurred was in Zululand while a small group of trekkers were passing through. That was named the battle of blood river. While Tjaka gave them permission to pass through but Dingaans tribe attacked them. Then again in the mid 1800 my predecessors traded land with a Khoza chief with horses and sheep. They remained there while many of the young men including my father in the early 1900 moved up to Jhb working on the railway laying tracks until he reached Jhb where he could study music. They never had any problems with the blacks in fact grew up with them living and working on the farms even acknowledged that they were far better off then those that remained in their tribal villages. Apartheid actually was caused by the British as SA was under British rule until 1961.

  3. Stop your bbc bullshit!!blacks were only encountered môre than a hundred and fifty môre than a thousand miles to the East present day Xhosa land. Blacks amongst themselfs killed off the bushmen and Hottentotte who nomaded the eastern/ northern parts of SA.
    When black claimed themselfs their own homelands 150 hears ago, they were less than 1% of present-day numbers . Inspire of 250 of missionary and 50 hears of apartheid education and provision, nothing except breeding and blame whites happens in their own claimed lands- instead they flee to everything white where they get s free ride om everything

  4. The British government started this in 1913. If the British never set foot in South Africa things would be different

  5. Haha ha ha This is the most hilarious YouTube video title of 2019!!!! C
    ant stop laughing!!! Total European arrogance…..

  6. The Bantu took the land from the Xhosa and liquidated them, the Afrikaners took the land from the Bantu. Now either the land belongs to the nonexistent Xhosa or it belongs to the Whites.

  7. Cyril, it doesn’t why are our people landless today. Whose history is that? Surely it is not the one narated by our forefathers. You are wrong the native land was owned by government. The minister, even today, is the custodian of communal land in former territorial Bantu Homelands.

  8. Its not about owning the land its about managing the land, Which the White Farmers have done well for decades. Within 10 years of the White farmers leaving South Africa will resemble the 3rd Century with Blacks eating each other ffs.

  9. bringing it back to their original owner is good and everybody agrees with that. the problem is, however, some people are killed. give the land back to black but do not killed anybody. and do not hurt anybody. Boers should also know that your land was not yours so remind yourself that the land is not yours. But if there is any blood, and there is any hatred of the boers, that is another hared and there is also other reverge

  10. So you are behind it all! I knew it. You oay them to kill . You have bloid on your hands. Colonialists who hanged black people if they were wiorking with the white Afrikaner. A part of your historyyou thought you could hide. We have saved the original documents calling for them to be hanged. Time the truth be told.

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  12. Who should own anything anywhere! We used to believe that whomever bought and paid for anything owned that thing, whether an object or land.

  13. I just ignore the BBC – they are part of the biased & fake main streat news media more than half of what they said in this video is an absolute joke! Absolute liberals who have & continue to destroy their own country Britain shortly to be called Britainstan!

  14. South Africa is now on its way to become Zimbabwe 2.0 with a president who would become Mugabe 2.0.

  15. You know what? We live in 2020 just now n the whole world is mixed by now including Africa! Who ever lived in the land n shares it with whoever is there need to share it equally n give everyone their own rights with respecting the rights of others. In Canada there’s many nations here n we respect everyone. That’s the right way for humans to survive without being evil!

  16. BBC are you sure you have your facts right ? According to history books, none of what you are saying is the truth. If you want to be important and place a report, make sure you have your facts right, otherwise, it is only fake news.

  17. That caucasian will misrepresent, misreport, or conceal your intentions for the benefit of their own ill deeds, just like here in the U.S. By hook or crook, TAKE YOUR LAND BACK. stop playing and trying to figure out how to compensate them. What land do you own in their country.

  18. The land must be shared by all South Africans both white and black .Equally distributed to all races .

  19. I’ll never say that taking anything from anyone by force is the right way… I have a concealed carry permit and weapons all around my property for the purpose of protecting me and mine. I would urge anyone with this capability to do the same!

  20. this is the dumbest topic ever. There’s nothing to debate. South Africa IS IN AFRICA YOU IDIOT. So you’re going to claim Australia and New Zealand, when it’s in Polynesia territory. Then the idiots claim America, when the Native Americans were in the country first, i mean jeez. Ethnically-confused people. That’s why White Americans try and relate to other cultures other than they’re own. Like the Whites who are obsessed with Japanese culture. You’re not even Asian idiots. What’s there to debate. Because you don’t have a culture of your own. Oh wait, you do, but you don’t even bother to look for your ancestors. Everyone in America knows their heritage except White Americans, ethnically confused

  21. White ppl quit hatin. Y’all should be happy . why would yall wanna be in the land of the people you deem inferior. They where Born in these land. If you don’t feel welcomed. Leave. Your mad.fuck you

  22. See BBC’s picture in the light of: through the ages the BBC government manipulated other countries, which they called colonies. In South Africa they invaded the country, took over reign there from the people who have settled in an empty land, under rule of the Dutch, 200 years earlier. The British , tried to force their language on the Afrikaner, forbidding them to speak Afrikaans ( labelled by British as ‘kitchen language’). Forcing the Afrikaners to pack their ox wagons and track inland to establish their own countries. The Afrikaners discovered gold and diamonds, THEN the British came in by force bringing in their armies; trying to overcome the few Afrikaner Boers in the Anglo Boer wars. The British captured the Afrikaner woman and children; putting them in concentration camps(yes, England invented that), with unhygienic circumstances, feeding them food filled with glass pieces—- killing 28 000 people .
    Shss, it is swept under the political carpet, Britain do not want to be classified as perpetrators —- no human rights)! All only to lay hands on SA gold and diamonds! Now you tell me who is the BBC , how can they even try to make a statement about South Africa?

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