White privilege is still prevalent in South Africa

White privilege is still prevalent in South Africa. According to The South African Institute of Race Relations ..White South Africans have a higher quality of life than their black counter parts. The quality of life report also shows that Gauteng and the Western Cape have a significantly higher quality of life than rural provinces.
Collen Lemawane compiled this report.

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  1. No it isn’t. You all should be shot if you think so. Whites don’t deserve to be treated this way at all. Shame on you!

  2. Black people much wake up. We can’t keep saying it’s the white man’s fault. Black people talk about being strong and proud people, but here they are complaining that they’re being held back by a small majority of white people. For all the black people in South Africa that believe such nonsense, you’re life sucks not because of the white man but because of your own weaknesses that you are too proud too admit. Grow up πŸ™„

  3. When in doubt just blame whites as you can’t ever take responsibility for yourselves. Pathetic. There are no black run countries that are successful or attractive to come to.

  4. Whites always have a higher quality of life. They have a much higher IQ, they make better choices, have lower birth rates, commit less crime, and are able to defer instant gratification whereas blacks are not.
    Push all the whites out of SA, and see if blacks can maintain what whites created there. It will look like Zimbabwe.

  5. If you need more privilege, you need to be smarter and work for it, not take it. The Parliament is a proof of the gap in education level, even after all those years. You need better education. period.

  6. Apartheid..over 24 years ago!! more than enough time to turn a government around and help the under privileged! When will they stop being victims, it is quite simple, go to school stay in school, leave school and get work!, You cannot expect a job and all of the "goodies" that they envy if you do not apply yourself. So sick of hearing it is the white mans fault. The ANC government is so corrupt they have raped the country but still the majority of fools still vote ANC. go figure.

  7. Very biased reporting as usual. The reporter refers to Black SA as "Africans" but White SA as just "Whites" like they aren’t Africans even thought their families have lived in Africa for over 300 years!

  8. White supremacists stop lying!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Right wing Fascists suck Putin’s balls!

  9. I’m sure the quality of life has nothing to do with the people living there

  10. Wow the liberals really hate white people. They try to downplay all these brutal crimes against the white farmers. More and more convinced how evil these liberals are.

  11. Why so many dislikes? probably because people know the truth….. This is fake news as most of you know this.

  12. Shut up no it’s not they are having their having their land stolen and the reason is because Its how they started off not that they are still privlaged

  13. Yes let us kill the skilled white labourers and suffer from stupidity πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  14. has an Australian whites in South Africa are ignorant , look at the ignorance in the comments my goodness

  15. I wish whites will go out of SA and came to EU. We need hard working immigrants not black laziness. But elites in EU will not allow that, they want replacement not to save true immigrants.

  16. My mom worked since she was 12 years old in a white country and is still paying a 15 year old mortgage for a townhouse in which she’ll never really own because even after you’ve paid off the mortgage they raise property taxes which can get your home seized if you can’t afford taxes when you’re retired because your pension is not suitable. Don’t be played black people. You must understand that this system is designed to enslave you forever. But in our continent they live better than us. It’s crazy and it must stop.

  17. I have a question 4 the people of South Africa who is holding the black villages back from growing their own food building their own country up or Nigeria or any of the other continents in Africa if they worked hard and all work together they could build their own wealth there are a few countenance in Africa that the Europeans never conquered and they are the worst poverty-stricken parts of Africa

  18. Caucasians people are not capable of saying the truth they are the devils the Bible speaks of

  19. White privilige? Bullshit.
    Due to the ANC’s racist BEE laws I, as a white south african, am legally unable to find work in South Africa. I had to move first to the USA for 3 years, and then to Thailand in order to find work. I have now been in Thailand for 7 years. White people are not even allowed to own their own companies in South Africa – you need a black partner! These are human rights atrocities.

  20. Every black country is a failed state. White people in south africa are now discriminated but even with this they outperforme blacks and are more effective. Can it be a question of intelligence? I really dont want to sound racist but i start to think that blacks have lower iq i mean its the same problem in usa, europe, brazil etc it just cant be an coincidence.

  21. The problem is not the color, the real problem is the system who make you believe they like one or an other color. This system don’t like human being with a brain and a heart, period. Elevate yourself a bit. We are human against the mass capitali (ism).

  22. I love South African girls who are half white and half black!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  23. There is a need to work on getting outside investments so that the jobs can be given to the people. South Africa as the most richest and powerful African nation also needs tighter controls on corruption. Assure that all will be welcome in the country and forget about trying to even the score due to apartheid.

  24. The colonial powers left and Africa is becoming Africa again. I say embrace it. Maybe Wakanda can become a reality. Africa never got a chance to thrive on its own. Its going to get much much worse before it gets better.

  25. Yeah the 3 and 4 year old girls that were gang raped by grown men for the HORRIBLE crime of being born to white farmers, had TONS of white privilege. Their white privilege really showed while one of them was nailed to a table and the other was lit on fire after surviving the gang rape.

  26. This is absolute rubbish about the history. THe ANC government has been sitting with over 8000 farms that have not been distributed to Black people and black people have taken the money rather than taking farms. Look at Zuma and the Guptas stealing over R200 million which was put aside to develop a milk farm for blacks in the Orange free state and other fraud and corruption thats being exposed daily in SA.

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