Where are The Gambia's missing millions? BBC News

More than $11m (£8.8m) is missing from The Gambia’s state coffers following the departure of long-time leader Yahya Jammeh.
Mr Jammeh flew into exile on Saturday, ending his 22 years in power.
Alastair Leithead reports from Banjul.

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10 Responses

  1. What a bastard he is this freakin Yahya… He cowardly stole nation’s millions under the cover of holding a Quran… Jerk!!!

  2. He paid himself a retirement with the people’s money. If there was going to be blood shed than leave.

  3. Of what significance is the news of a small West African state to capture such global coverage?

    One wonders.

    Perhaps Africa is more significant to world matters than they are led to believe.


  4. Yahya was gifted loved by people around the globe he was the greatest healer ever , we obey law and order , we worked hard , we give him the trust to be our leader for 22 years we had free education. But somehow some were not satisfied with him for no reason but with african mentality of tribalism . Already some who took advantages when he despature and blame him of looting we know Barrow gangs already looted everything just to blame Yahye what are shameful act in minutes after he left. We saw with evidence what has happened bringing in Senegal armoy vehicles and looting millions from the Banks………Welcome to Gambia the door of Greediness and Hate has been open wider.

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