'We are available for dialogue', Zimbabwe's opposition leader Chamisa tells FRANCE 24

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Following the recent unrest in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the main opposition MDC party, granted an interview to FRANCE 24. Chamisa rejected claims by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the MDC orchestrated a foreign-backed “regime change” attempt by organising mass protests in January. However, the opposition leader insisted he was available for “a credible and genuine dialogue” with the president.

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28 Responses

  1. I mbudzi mpfana uyu dako rake rineshena zanu takiiyisa pachigaro nekuti yakambotinwisa tikaisvuta vana gogo vakapiwa mbeu iye ngambotidyisao tizive kuti ticharamba tichidya kana asina ngagare arega kupinda nekuti achatibira rough maridzedu kuti asimbise homwe dzake nedzemarombe akamukomberedza

  2. Remove the sanctions and dialogue and free elections comes next because sanctions are a means to effect regime change thru making people suffer so they revolt against gvt.

  3. We dont need Dialogue,Zanupf won the election so let them rule their party to the ground..We are tired!

  4. Moron interviewer you can’t call my president Nelson Chamisa just like that lack of respect thus mr Nelson Chamisa not

  5. You don’t respect Mr Chamisa.swallow your pride and let the country move forward.Both your selfish ambitions benefit nobody in this country. Sit and hear what the dialogue is all about sir with great respect.

  6. How do people who are poles apart, hold a dialogue?. What will they discuss that will help the terrible situation in our country. People have to be freed from detentions before dialogue can be considered and murderers must be apprehended and tried for crimes committed before dialogue, surely.

  7. MR Mnangagwa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Not Mr President KKK love that

  8. This little chamisa is always foolishly inconsistent how come he denies the issue he immaculately said at his gweru imbwa yemunhu iwe Na lukau same fanana

  9. Europe and the US take Africa as an …..hole why so concerned about African affairs now if it is not about the land taken from white farmers in Zim which will never be given back by any political party in Zim or RSA and more other African countries realising the need.This guy is wasting time.

  10. A party that has no support of its neighboring blocks of SADC and AU will never find anywhere near African leadership.Why not give this party a place in Europe to rule not wasting money on them to effect regime change which will never come to pass.The opposition in Zim is not la local created party everyone knows.The same agenda is being perpetrated in Venezuela but forget it here.

  11. He didn’t clearly responded to 2 year power exchange statement he said last weekend

  12. Thank you president Nelson Chamisa.Yes President Mnangagwa can’t be referee and player at the same time.OPPRESSION,MANUPULATION,REGRESSION HAS TO BE REPLACED BY LIBERTY,PEACE & PROGRESSION.We say no to bondage!

  13. Gud at forcing like the way u force to become MDC President now forcing into Government why don’t u campaign fr nxt election very gud at dealing with social media

  14. With all due respect to the French President, French media and French citizens, you know how elections work, right from voter registration to counting of votes.
    Nelson Chamisa raised the issue of election rigging by ZanuPF and the case was heard in the Constitutional Court. The proceedings were recorded by the Zimbabwe government.
    All I am asking you is to take a few hours, watch and analyse the recording and see for yourself how the MDC lawyers performed in the case proceedings.
    I am not saying ZanuPF is holy because most of the allegations against ZanuPF are actually true.
    The main reason why I am asking you to review the court proceedings is you will see for yourselves that this man, Nelson Chamisa is lying and misleading the international community.
    We cannot keep talking about the illegitimacy of the Zimbabwe government based on lies by Nelson Chamisa and his supporters.
    Someone from outside should tell this Nelson Chamisa that he is incompetent and completely failed to prove any votes rigging. We want to move forward from this issue because NELSON CHAMISA IS LYING!
    He is desperate to become the President of Zimbabwe by whatever means. He grabbed the MDC leadership when Tsvangirai died and completely ignored the MDC Constitution which calls for an ELECTION when its leader dies or is incapable to lead the party.
    Ask him about the performance of the MDC lawyers during the election case hearing and you will prove he is lying. Not only is he lying, he is ignorant and incompetent and personally I am just sick and tired of his shenanigans.
    Don’t keep entertaining this Nelson Chamisa because he is the very person hindering progress in Zimbabwe by calling encouraging his supporters to be involved in violent protests.
    The guy has no clue whatsoever and now he wants to grab the Presidency, when it’s clear he failed to prove any votes rigging in the last election.

  15. Chamisa must go sit down withEd than talking to the media only if you can’t put your ideas on the table with mnangagwa then don’t make noise

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