Wake up Sierra Leone: Discuss President Bio Speech in Parliament #sierraleone

Wake up Sierra Leone: Discuss President Bio Speech in Parliament and the work out the APC MPs
3rd May, 2019

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  1. I think the only way now left for us to go forward is to put all hands in one desk to move forward by allowing the religious leaders, civil societies, journalists,ordinary masses should all preach now against both these satanic and pharoric parties. Second option is to give all of them notice from not participating in politics and we have to start with the new era or the young generation. It’s a shame cuz a white girl left my friend because of searching on the internet and she realized that Sierra Leone is full of diseases and insecurity. This is very pathetic. Bo duya una nor poil we luck aboard na una mess

  2. These two big political parties are not ready for positive change. Day in day out their utmost aim is to further divide our sweet sierra Leone. May God Save our beloved land.

  3. APC are in denial of losing election. They find it difficult to accept loosing, also the on going commission of enquiries make them jittery. They have no interest in the nation but selfish and only think of their political interests/benefits. All these political parties lie and are not professional. I feel sorry for the poor people who are the victims.
    I have not seen any constructive criticism from the opposition or these politicians have not showed no significant fight on specific policies or stand for something that will benefit the nation. I hope the voters are watching, because you have the power to get these rotten politicians out. After 5 years if the SLPP does not serve the nation, then voters should vote them out. These people are trying to discourage investors/ tourism/divide the nation/confuse the nation. Shame on them.

  4. Back to APC please if you APC want to get respect in the country and across the world please go out get some investors bring in job for the youths of the country do you APC party members want to say been in power for 10 years none of you have any good investors friends or what so ever that any of you can get to challenge the government in development in the country? What were you people then doing in power for 10 years please help bring peace in the country walking out of parliament is your investment in the country talking nonsense is what you kept in budget for 10 years in power APC members of parliament to be honest you guys are a disgrace to our country I swear by god if I was to be in power or in government none of you will ever return to power and if you people make any more stupid things I throw you all in jail

  5. I happy to see my sisters with African dress.Iam proud of you presenters .Good Jobs and good questions as allways.Thanks you AYV.Just be yourself and be proud of who you are as Africans.We are unique people in this world we are living in today,that is who the hate us.

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