Violence resurfaces in Ivory Coast

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What is behind renewed instability in Ivory Coast, and is the nation slipping back into civil war?

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17 Responses

  1. if both are responsible what happened to Quatarra ? He was supposed to be arrested .He was not because he is married to French woman.

  2. How to gingerly approach peace and stability is the lesson the Ivorian should learn from Liberia and Sleone.

  3. I’m not pessimist but i strongly believe that peace in the Ivory Coast will come only and only if President Gbagbo and the political prisoners from his party are released. Innocents civilians in the Ivory Coast have been killed by Ouattara forces as well, so there is no way Ouattara’s side can walk and govern free.

  4. Also, the Nubian Africans will spill every drop of blood before they let them take over their country. If you think that black Africans are not passionate about their freedom and their countries then they have another thing coming.

  5. LOL….Only 2 days ago our UN Peacekeeping mission partially packed up from Ivory Coast.. lol…and these bastards are dying for Europe’s mining greed.

  6. Your statement can’t be further from the truth! The inventor of the concept called "Ivoirite" that excluded Alassane ouattara from the political landscape is now is ally (Henry Konan Bedie)! Burkinabes and Northeners can be found in every village and region of the south but the opposite cannot be said! They are mainly merchants who have been adopted by their southern brothers!

  7. The Ivory Coast and EVERY African nation has a right to defend themselves from the towl-head Arabs trying to take over and claim all that the Africans have worked hard for like they did to Libya and Sudan. The muslims want all of Africa to themselves so they can steal our resources and take over our beautiful nations. This is NOT civil war, it’s an invasion by the damn Arab muslims.

  8. You’re a racist piece of trash. I feel so sorry for you and your family (they probably raisd you to be this way though). Every race has good people to learn and grow from and every race has garbage people who are worth nothing, ignorant and insensitive. We already know what you are.

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