Victoria Falls shrinks to a trickle after worst drought in a century

Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls have slowed down to a trickle after an unprecedented decline in water levels, officials have said. Data from the Zambezi River Authority showed water flow at its lowest since 1995, and well under the long term average. Zambian President Edgar Lungu said it was a stark reminder of what climate change is doing to our environment, yet some scientists are cautious about categorically blaming the climate crisis. Harald Kling, a hydrologist at engineering firm Poyry and a Zambezi river expert, said climate science dealt in decades, not particular years, “so it’s sometimes difficult to say this is because of climate change because droughts have always occurred”.
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38 Responses

  1. This makes me very sad. What is happening to the world?
    My parrot has just died due to climate change. He just sort of dried up.
    I am getting a new one soon. I will call it Greta after Greta Thunberg.
    That’s all for now.

  2. In a century? Makes you think of how fossil fuels caused the drought 100 yrs ago and Epstein’s banker didn’t kill him self.
    Trump 2020

  3. What happens when the rainy season happens? You know, when the water falls from the sky, Disney animals sing and the drought is over again for another year?

  4. Yes there is a shortage of water for the falls but they did not do was to go right up the course of the water source to see the Chinese hydro dams & the other man made deviations for Chiese farming opperations ,reality is if there were no more dams or diversions of water for farming or industrial projects there would not be a problem !

  5. If you don’t think these are related to the Australian bushfires, you may want to look up the Indian Ocean Dipole.

  6. And the reason why there was less water is because Zesco diverted it to the power plant. The do that from time to time when water levels are low. Get your facts straight.

  7. Cause and effect of the white man showing up! Note to Zimbabwe get rid of the white folks. They trashing your land.

  8. Your talking about Zimbabwe but you’re showing the Zambian side. Zambia has more meters of the falls but Zim has the side where the water falls and causes more spray because the gorge is narrower. The Zambia side is where the water recedes from before it recedes on the Zim side during its daily flow depending on how much water is flowing through the Zambezi. It would help if you could cover the story with more accuracy…

  9. Waiting for people with no knowledge about history in the region to start spreading the climate hysteria in the comments

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