Update: Second Batch Of Nigerians From South Africa Arrive In Lagos

Morning News Update For September 19, 2019
The second batch of Nigerians totalling 315 has arrived at the cargo area of the international airport in Lagos from South Africa. The aircraft landed at about 7.20 pm and the returnees were bussed to the hajj terminal.
Meanwhile, at least 26 young pupils and two teachers were killed on Wednesday in a fire at a koranic school near the Liberian capital Monrovia.

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4 Responses

  1. Able men leaving naija every in the quest to finding greener pastures..instead of fighting by asking for good governance…our politicians need to be held accountable… protest…revolution nana

  2. 5 minutes ago

    Unfortunate and regrettable what happened in SA against foreign nationals, especially Nigerians so loud and exaggerated situation, so much anger and wanting to retaliate, I understand though watching those horrific fake videos of people being burnt is a lie but I hey "I just wonder if the same passion and anger directed at SA, maybe Nigerians use same passion against Boko haram, I’m just saying this Islamic group slaughter people in worst ways possible and on a regular, its time Nigeria focus their attention on that as my fellow African I will gladly assist, I mean look at Mali something happening there extremist beheading people, Somali and Sudan a war zone, Africans drowning everyday on Mediterranean trying to reach Europe, brutality Africans are facing in Libya as we speak and yet Xenophobia in SA makes Africans unite and be vocal about it, its good they should act against xenophobia " but come on Africa xenophobia in SA cannot be bigger than Boko haram and all I mentioned above, this is an African problem, Africa is bleeding from All angles, focusing on SA will not help, AFRICANS ARE FLEEING AFRICA EVERY DAY, "WHY IS THAT?

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