UN says '800,000 forced to flee' violence in Southern Ethiopia

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Around 800,000 people have been forced from their homes in Southern Ethiopia since April. The UN blames inter-ethnic violence for the mass displacements.
The French president continues his visit to Nigeria. It’s about building business ties and boosting security but he also loosens his tie and gets down on the dancefloor in Lagos.
And hundreds of female business leaders meet in Paris. We’re joined by Nothando Napata, Managing Director of a tech solutions company.

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13 Responses

  1. and people wonder why there is so much immigrant violence and lawlessness in Europe. Is it cultural or religious or something else?

  2. Seems like Shoa (not amhara, not oromo, but distinctly Shoa) are making a power move, blame the media FOR IGNORING AN ENTIRE FING GENOCIDAL ETHNIC GROUP, might be wrong , but Oromo are peaceful people, and recently Shoa who hate Oromo , are now pretending to be Oromo, hilarious. But how is it advantageous for local leaders to incourage violence

  3. Macron and Trudeau should go on tour together as the two idiots on stage.
    We already know what your does secret trick is to make you laugh. *"🐍🐉Got Adhesive"* 🤔 wonder what Mccrone will do to top that.. while his own people are being raped and murdered.. in the towns that he was voted to protect.
    He’s another lowlife globalist POS and needs to be dealt with as so.
    I’m beginning to think that a full pull out from the EU is the only solution left on the table.
    Don’t let them tear you down so they can come up with an idea to rebuild you.. that’s their Shiva Trojan Horse to destroy you and then to rebuild you.. or another words create a problem and then develop the sol
    ution for the problem they have created.

  4. When you hear of refugee’s from wars you are not told how many are because of climate change – mostly droughts. This is why we have wars in Sudan, Etruria and Ethiopia. Even the expert said it was about the North land-grabbing in the south, when the north has had a 6 year drought! Mid and North Africa is due to get a lot less rain because of climate change and it didn’t get much before, so if the West doesn’t help, there will be a BILLION refugees in 20 years!

  5. Send them to Asia, and other African nations. the Asians need more diversity, and White nations have had too much!

  6. I told you last year to converge on africa….I stated…I see a divergence in chaos from centers….nobody listened

  7. The 800,000 Refugees are internal refugees. Plus Ethiopians usually migrate to Arab countries if Need to leave the Continent.

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