Ukraine's rebels open school doors to Russian education

Ukraine’s eastern rebel regions appear to have already decided what course of education they want to follow, regardless of the results of Sunday’s separatist elections.

Five tons of school text books have been sent from the Russian federation to Donetsk. All schools in the rebel-controlled area will adopt Russian standards but apparently not the system, according to one headmaster.

Andrey Udovenko, headmaster of school number 61 in Donetsk, told euronews: “Because of the development of our rel…

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6 Responses

  1. Excellent initiative – the children of Novorossiya will be far better educated than the children of the Ukraine!

  2. An interesting question would be what the history books tell the future pupils about Stalin and the Ukraine. Propably only: The great Soviet Union defeated Hitler. Evil western fascists worked together with Hitler. Russia greatest country on earth End of Story.

  3. This is very good. Make sure the children learn history such as how Germany slaughtered over 20 million Slavic people and now seeks to destroy them with economic sanctions with American help.

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