Ugandans, Rwandans among surrendering M23 rebels

As fighting rages on between the Congolese government forces and M23 rebels in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, it has emerged that some fighters within the dissident’s ranks are Ugandan and Rwandan nationalities. Although the UPDF has confirmed that indeed, some rebels who surrendered to the Congolese Army hail from Rwanda and Uganda, it has denied Kampala is supporting the M23 group. The last major rebel stronghold of Bunagana has fallen to government forces as thousands of refugees continue to flood Uganda’s border district of Kisoro.

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5 Responses

  1. @regulus.all those country were not in the front line. the fardc crushed the m23. like general olenga said" you will see what the fardc will accomplished" once we flush out all the tutsis infiltrarors and traitors former cndp and rcd goma we went in the m23 like in the butter. fdlr and Ugandan rebels are next. we will crush them.

  2. A coalition of the armies of south Africa, india, Guatemala, Tanzania, morocco, usa, Egypt, Belgium, Senegal, Pakistan, etc. etc. and they have managed to overcome only one of the 20 or so rebellions in congo? Not very efficient.

  3. Mbuta Oliver Amuli, you are a very impressive man indeed. I have watched and listened to you speaking in fluent English, French and Kiswahili. Can you speak Lingala as well?

  4. Of course it’s Uganda and Rwanda. They are chasing the Hutu militia that almost completely finished off the Rwandan and Ugandan President’s Tutsi Tribe in 1994.

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