Thousands of Sudanese protesters gather outside presidential residence and military HQ

Thousands of Sudanese protesters marched near the presidential residence in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Saturday in one of the biggest demonstrations against president Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule in months of unrest.

They waved Sudanese flags and chanted slogans demanding ‘freedom, peace and justice’ as they gathered outside the gates of the compound, guarded by soldiers, that also houses the defence ministry, army command and security headquarters.
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21 Responses

  1. Wow looks just like the protesters from the lbgt community that were protesting the hotel well except for the fact that all of these people would kill homosexuals but don’t worry they’re all just trying to come to Europe and you’re letting them by the millions it should work out well

  2. The land and its resources belong to everyone. And its profit; food or medicine or financial, etc. belongs to everyone. 👍

  3. cowards cannot protect everything they love… if you cannot reach the coward.. then reach whatever you can the coward loves.
    make cowards pay for their crimes.

  4. And still my people on the streets .. just fall that’s all
    🇸🇩✌️ Sudanese revolution

  5. Dear The Guardian,
    I was just telling my husband a couple days ago, when I used "The Book of Faces", a man in Sudan needed my help of compassion.
    He knew not what to do about a certain situation.
    I let him know that he needed not be forced into demands of others wants, trees, sky, animals and nature do not demand, they just are. 🌴🐨🐝
    He said he loved me.
    I have not forgotten him.
    May the people of Sudan be as happy as this video shows.
    Love from Michigan, USA 💗
    Peace! ✌

    HIP HIP…


  7. Islamic Sharia regresses Muslims back to 7th century pagan savagery.
    Muslims deny the dignity of freewill and enforce compulsion to Islam for apostates..
    Ban Muslims apostasy torture death law a violation of human rights..criminalize the Apostasy Death Law..

  8. its the intruption of united state this all is done on the indication of USA like in egypt libya they also want the president in sudan who can dance on the fingers of USA you will see the facts in future

  9. I don’t why would he still wants to run the country while all this people not interested in you! Come on

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