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50 Responses

  1. Useless politician like ken must be voted out. I don’t see why this greedy, foolish and arrogant man like ken still talk in Ghana

  2. Our institutions have failed us, why Ghana all this while what was the security institutions doing? What are they doing to that criminal Anas?

  3. to be honest Anas and some incompetent journalism are created mob judgment in Mother Ghana I’m pleading national security have to do something about it because it very bad we can not build a country like that

  4. local banks must tax them higher.That is what China normally does. If you wanna transfer money from china to any country through bank they will charge you more money. There is no way you can cross any boader with it nor penetrate the airport with it too.Ghana must addopt that method, and build strong financial security

  5. Ken, well done God will protect you. The problem we have is that police is the most corrupt institution in Ghana that’ why this nonsense is going on.

  6. Amoako Atta God bless you, we have some weaked elders in Ghana selling our priorities to foreigners, people like this Arabs and Indians even they don’t know the difference between Arabs and whites people, l am sorry for my people. from Barcelona Opoo Wiafe.

  7. God bless hon ken, evil corrupt wicked anas you will end up killing yourself change before time changes you

  8. Annan thanks for bringing highlights of the wicked Anas story, when hon. Ken was speaking the truth people insulted him now they should listen well

  9. This is a free lecture in economics, finance, business, government etc 😊. Thanks, Uncle Ken, thank youπŸ‘

  10. Football took my time to miss my best program….The Seat.
    My question is.
    Why is this devi….evil…baloney anas walking freely in Ghana,without no arrest?

  11. Ken has won my respect? I always say a fool can never be a millionaire. He is really smart and intelligent person with a good heart. All those criticising him are corrupt and evil who want Ghana down. NDC are full of foreigners who have infiltrated our ranks.

  12. The truth is that the cedis over 5decades has depreciated to none existence, but is just being used for pride. In real terms it has no value at all. Now, since most of our imports are coming from china, lets negotiate to have exchange with the chinese currency to relieve the pressure on the cedi due to the dollar. When done this will reduce the volume of purchase of dollars for transactions requiring the use of chine currency. This is what nigerians have done to stabilize their currency. They exchange naira directly with chinese xuan.

  13. God bless you hon.kennedy agyapong thank you all the authorities should practice how to defend the country as the minister done God you hon. minister

  14. I say if you are on your to church and you meet an oburoni, just put both hands on your head and wail terribly, because you have met the devil in person.

  15. I humbly pray that whatever or whoever you worship (Honorable Kennedy Agyapong) protect you against all odds…………………………

  16. Ghana is working again thanks to Mr. president and his team, Hon Ken God will richly bless you and your teamπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½β™₯️β™₯️

  17. Masa don’t blame Ana’s blame the government becos we have government in Ghana yes so stop that shouting masa u all are not smart yet

  18. Manasseh is on the payroll of Mahama. I’m loving this Annan/Anas saga. May God save Ghana from all greedy evil people.

  19. Really,I like the great action from minister of roads.Ghana needs great ministers who will come out to fight for Ghana’s interest.Long live Npp to rule Ghana for 50years to die devil ndc out from Ghana.God bless Kwaku Anan and Ken

  20. They just sprayed chemicals in the school so that the school collapses and they will be forced to sell the land to them to develop. Ghana is being sold to foreigner so cheaply. Ghanaians and Africans are imbecilles

  21. Anas is now desperate than ever..Aboa biara b3 Wu a opire.Puppets of the West..Babylon shall fallπŸ’₯The world is watching

  22. They should arrest anas, he is not bigger than the Law, in fact who is anas, the man that brought Ghana down, Anas is sick in mind

  23. Ken,What are you doing to help those who are loosing their lands at that place you mentioned?Please, everything possible to help those innocent Ghanaians who have struggled for their lifes…..please

  24. It’s boring to listen to this rather than tell us what n what projects going on which most Ghanaians r interested to listen n that’s hope for citizens n there is where the votes comes in.

  25. If Kennedy were not to lay down his life to go down the gutters with Anas Ghanaians wouldn’t have been Saved today

  26. I will stop watching you because always anas but no action is taking about this wicked man…Anas is still walking free..the last time watching you

  27. Sad how Anas used this poor boy Ahmed suale and killed him after. God go punished Anas, Kwaku Baako and his entire tiger eye pi team…

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