The other side of Sudan – fighting for free speech – BBC News

As part of a series looking at some of the lesser seen sides of some of the world’s most misunderstood countries, Benjamin Zand heads to Sudan. A country long-ravaged by terrorism and civil war – in this episode he meets the people using poetry to fight for free speech, in a place that regularly ranks towards the bottom in press freedom and free speech.

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  1. 4:09 The River Nile doesn’t begin at Khartoum, it actually meets with the Blue Nile (Bahar Azrag) in Khartoum. The main River Nile originates from south of the Equator and is known as the White Nile (Bahar Abiadh) from its point of confluence with Bahar El-Ghazal until meeting with the Blue Nile in Khartoum, and before this point the river is called Bahar Al-Jabal, Bahar Subiri and Bahar Gur. That’s to say, the River Nile includes Bahar Al-Jabal, Bhahr Subiri, Bahar Gur and the White Nile all together. (BAHAR means sea in Arabic and it is also used for river in Sudanese colloquial Arabic, instead of the word NAHR which means river ).

  2. Governments eventually come to terms with fact that they can’t stop people from sharing their thoughts about what they see and experience

  3. News means taking on a responsible role to air news. Freedom means making humans taking on individual responsibility to connect humans without limited identity.

  4. Well, honestly that’s a good poet Benji.

    Anyway, when people say Sudan, all I can remember is very sweet Sudanese ladies. They are so sweet and almost give me diabetes by only looking at them.

    Love from Indonesia xxx

  5. Countries need people like the black guy (apologize for my ignorance but i do not know his race), willing to go the extra mile for his country but not being a nazi nationalist, if the world was full of people like him we would be more advanced not to mention better, keep up the good work buddy.

  6. Actually we are African talk Arabic language is not going to change your race come on people Sudanese are Africans

  7. That was quite a nice poem Benji!👍🏼👏🏼
    Lovely video with lovely people! Learned a lot again❤️

  8. Same dirty tricks the BBC was pulling when it entered Syria and now its in chaos. BBC do some real journalism at home you warmongering establishment propagandists……..we see through your imperialist interventionism.

  9. Revolution of blood only. Sudan will never be your next Libya, Sudanese people are very different then Libyans & Iraq. very happy friendly calm people. don’t waste your time bbc

  10. I guess the BBC will just ignore Sudan’s ongoing racist campaign of genocide in Darfur…
    (Because, you know, brown people cannot possibly be racist toward black people — after all, white people have a monopoly on racism!)

  11. It’s always great to see the truth in the world. Here in America, there’s almost only propaganda.

  12. this is the dummiest documentary ive seen on sudan and im sudanese and have visited sudan 3 times and documenting a bunch of kids writing poems is tje most irrelevant and pointless thing you can film you need to focus on some real shit thats going on
    in sudan

  13. We don’t even get free speech here in the UK, why would I care about another country trying to get it?

  14. Fighting for freedom of speech in the Sudan, but in the UK we have the PC Gestapo, who shut down free speech, and are working on how to arrest people for their definition of inappropriate thought. The Labour party wants more police, not to fight terrorism but to terrorize ordinary UK subjects.

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