The Mercenaries Profiting From Sierra Leone's Civil War (2000)

Soldiers of Fortune (2000) – Mercenaries, allegedly working for the Sierra Leone government, have been charged with defeating RUF rebels – but blood diamonds might be their true goal.

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Inside a helicopter mercenaries led by South African Neall Ellis fly fast and low over RUF rebel areas, shooting anything that moves. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that, while ostensibly working for the Sierra Leone government, they are in fact the military arm of the diamond mining companies.

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ABC Australia – Ref. 0836

50 Responses

  1. This shit makes me mad India come on u got the numbers smart people colonize that. Shit great warriors do it we dint the brits dint

  2. How do they enjoy there money when they killing incen villagers woman children what evil human beings

  3. I’ve talked with a lot of people from Sierra Leone during that time. Their stories are insane, if you didn’t pledge yourself to the rebels they’d kill you or cut off your hand or arm. Then the Nigerians would kill you if looked like you might join the rebels. The only safe place were armed villages. One village that was into voodoo magic would take in refugees and protect them, then at the same time go out and hunt down rebels for their heads.

  4. Hilarious. The U.N. Gets the mercenaries kicked out due to bullshit foreign press, then proceeds to get the rebels leader put into power. I do not understand how shit like this happens. If that is not an indicator of a select few pulling the strings for self interest, then I do not know of a better example

  5. 30:02 he looks like an average harmless middle aged bloke, but he’s actually an elite former SAS professional killer.

  6. I know it sounds dismal but I think I have more faith in the Salvation Army than the U.N. What a sh*t show….. It’s sad but all too obvious that the people with the ability to step in and affect change just don’t care, lack of interest = lack of funding. Some groups in America bark about being "marginalized" or "abandoned", well take a good long look…. This is what Anarchy looks like.

  7. I think PMCs are the catalyst to a new era of war , wars will not be fought by a countries army but will be fought by mercenaries

  8. All that intervention, and somehow no resolution which leaves SL as anything more than a diamond mining colony for the west. Disgusting.

  9. This is why I couldn’t rule a super power, rebels? Oh show them what a small nuclear explosion is like see if they still fight back

  10. When will UN learn that their so called Peacekeeping brigade are only good to guard an abandoned lemonade stand. This fat money grabbing flock has never been useful for anything. It took a force of 150 Men to do a job that 20000 UN donkeys couldn’t. As the locals on the streets of Sierra Leon say " In God we Trust but EO is our Savior! "

  11. And I wanna conclude by saying that coZ if u on the same grind u probably feel like brother
    CoZ we are of same kind just wit different colors
    . . Please don’t kill the innocent too…🌼🌼🌼🌼🙏✌️✌️✌️for both🙏✌️✌️✌️…

  12. The UN and the international community are insane. How can they question the morality of mercenaries who are effective in fighting the rebels, when there are districts full of civilians who had their limbs hacked off by these rebels? What humanity do these rebels deserve other than a swift death?

  13. The great Fred Marrafano behind the PKM. Passed away last year. Col. Neil Ellis or Nellis to his friends, a remarkable man, soldier, friend. A living legend who single-handedly held RUF from taking Freetown. Just him and a door gunner, whether it was Hassan or Fred . In his MI 24 Hind. Respect and Honor

  14. Whe they shoot the rockets from the pods, it seems like they are dummy rounds? no exploasion of any kind? I gues it was all staged. But good video none the less.

  15. strange how Europeans LEFT Europe to "colonize" South Afrika but are QUICK to tell others "Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for EVERYBODY"….SMH

  16. Nellis and Juba crossing the Congo river in a fn canoe all while trying to stay alive. For those interested: the book is " Fighting other people wars "

  17. Put the white eastern European back in power in South africa and god damn it if rhodisia dint got to shit im Latino but iwas born in canda and live in the us im sorry its not about white is just the western influence africa alone will not survive

  18. It’s funny how any form of profiting from war is seen as so immoral. There’s many forms of profiting from war. It doesn’t mean they’re all bad people or are immoral.

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