The African Union in 2019

The Annual African Union Summit took place starting February 10th, to discuss amongst other things, possible solutions to the African Migration crisis.

How effective will the African Union be in finding solutions to this problem?

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8 Responses

  1. AU should also look at implementing blockchain amongst African to get rid of corruption and unify African economies with transparency. Africa does not need Europe

  2. Africans they have what it takes to make Africa a better place for everyone. Just remove the old cargos

  3. They want least to me this us an African problems and needs to be solved by the African. Why do we have E.u. to run and chick our elacation in Africa. In th I s case we should our peaople to Europe for thire elacation.

  4. Europe brings wars in Africa. It’s time blacks Africans chose good peoples to lead countries to peace

  5. Sisi is a nasty dictator. He will reverse and derail the reforms launched by Paul Kagame. Egyptians do not consider themselves as Africans. Egypt is fiercely against African integration. Egypt’s only goal is to exploit African countries. They are planning to exploit the African free trade union and they’re already planning to dump their shitty pharmaceuticals in our countries. Say no to Egypt and Sisi.

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