The 30th African Union Summit 2018

The 30th African Union Summit 2018 is underway in Ethiopia, we take a look at the key topics that will be discussed.

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3 Responses

  1. Ironically, the _"peacekeeping operations budget"_ is the *real* corruption:
    mercenary armies and leaders on a First World payroll and agenda,
    *incentivised* to collaborate or overthrow those who disallow them.

  2. You are probably right. Too much talk, no substance. Too many issues that must be tackled at the base, then we can smoothly move for Unification. We, at the African Religion suggest we look at how Africans should be worshipping their God, not following Religions imposed on them through Colonialism which you always get your orders from the Vatican and Saudi Arabia. One asked me, I am not a Catholic why should I get orders from the Vatican??? Because we are lost spiritually that’s why many of us have no idea that Christianity whatever denomination you belong to, it is run from the Vatican, for ex: the Bible is going to be amended or ratified, and that will be the Bible Christians will be using. Not Racism, Africans must know they are different with their unique history, so following Colonial masters it will be counterproductive. Ingeta

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