Talk To The Camera – Wata Dombolo Na Mount Aureol – Sierra Leone

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Sierra Network Talk To The Camera is a brand new TV Series where the team will give people chance to give their views in things that are affecting them and their communities. This episode Sierra Network visited the Mount Aureol community in Freetown on the hillside.

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8 Responses

  1. Almost the END of the world and Salone still get water problem and crisis,, na watin salone? Na cursed??? What a shame!!!!

  2. I’m ashamed to be a Sierra Leonean.. 7 major rivers all around the country.. water and electricity should be the least of our problem.. the government’s are busy spoiling and increasing debts on the country for there selfish desires… smh it a shame… the people perish for lack of knowledge..

  3. even though free town is surrounded by the sea and plenty rain fall every year, we still can’t afford water for the city.

  4. This is all what they should be doing has government , But they are wasting money on lawyers from other countries to judge the pass government , may the lord help this country and the big full leaders and selfish leader we having everyday . ApC or Slpp they are all fucking the same

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