Surviving Kissy Burmeh dump in Freetown, Sierra Leone : Kaikai News

On Thursday, July 21 thousands of people scrambled to the Kissy Burmeh dump site after learning a vast haul of chicken was to be buried there.

The imported chicken were deemed unfit for human consumption.

However, the desperate individuals that gathered were able to carry away large amounts of the contaminated chicken.

The Kaikai News crew travels to the dump site to report on the incident.

Whiles there we discover an entire community surviving on the waste of others…

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33 Responses

  1. So sad to watch this. Why the politicians are not doing something about this? There are so many things they could do to improve lives of the masses. It could be through vigorous farming schemes, loans for small business businesses, country wide mandatory education for primary and secondary students and public awareness of the important of keeping good sanitation.


  3. I say BOMB SALONE this is some bullshit don’t make sense at all but wait someone will come soon

  4. A very hungry nation. May The Almighty give us honest leaders that can work in the interest of the people. Ameen.

    Very painful to see this…

  5. Omg what a shame she been doing this rubbish for 18 years God love her your government should be bloody ashamed of themselves and it is probably ruled by men 😠😠😠I’m not sure bout what mineral source you have I bet your government have guns.😠😠😠

  6. The reporter says mechanical failure……let’s be wise….( Mohamed Kanu) attested to it by saying the crowd overpowered the POLICE….

  7. Kiss chicken that is really disgusting what happened to your government women and children.Your country is rich in minerals time for a petition the world is watching 😑😑😑

  8. Both of those teenage girls were beatiful, the ability to laugh and smile in such conditions is unbelievable.

  9. am Sierra Leonean too is not about government is about the people of the country if you love your country god will love too is not about poverty,we so many country in the world the poor than sierra Leone we like to make false life and too much talk and lazy we dissever to feed in the dust bin’s.

  10. What’s going on is all over the
    Who greed’s for money! can anyone be for his people..yet don’t care
    At all…they forget..that Allah’s
    See’s their true intentions…you can’t
    Hide from..your evil

  11. There is obviously in these kind of countries a big gap between rich and poor.And the rich don’t give a dame because they are CLEARLY corrupt.

  12. My god, what immune systems they must have. Just watched the "Only Emergency in Sierra Leone" it seems if you can make it to 5 years, and not get hit by a car, your survival rate is good. Im not joking. Watch the video, think its by Journey Men Productions.

  13. Your heart is in the right place, advocating for assistance for these girls to further their education, in addition, preventing them from facing the dire conditions that they are currently facing, but the situation in hand is much more complicated than merely assisting a few. Unless you are planning to highlight similar outlooks daily, and hope someone volunteer a helping hand each and every time (what are the odds of that, in a world so self serving?), Nothing is going to change. We must understand that the education system is doing exactly what it’s there to do, and that these girls education venture, if! It’s going to serve them in the future (which would be extremely fortunate on their behaves), that is it, and nothing more. There are many others that are stuck in the same predicament, thus it is a vicious cycle. SaLone needs a radical change. For instance, why are they even importing chicken when they’re more than capable of producing their own? Isn’t that what education is supposed to do? Educate the people that they can be self sufficient in many ways, but no, they rather follow the western way of learning, which is clearly not working for them.

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