Sudan uprising: All you need to know

It all began when 26-year-old Sudanese protestor Mohamed Hashim Mattar shot was shot dead by the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces during a peaceful protest in the country’s capital, Khartoum on June 3. The killing sparked a nation-wide outrage. Mattar’s killing is one of the recent outrages that the Sudanese people have suffered. In April 2019, Sudanese people’s protest against former-president Omar al-Bashir only led to further disappointment and agitation as the military who ousted Bashir’s thirty-year reign, assumed control for three years. Since the military assumed power, hundreds of protestors have reportedly been killed by the Rapid Support Forces. Meanwhile, due to the media blackout by the Sudanese government, the exact death toll remains unknown.

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  1. New world order are evrywhere just a matter of time toward world war 3. Time of teshuva to yashua

  2. This was uninformative. It simply starts with Mattar’s shooting and doesn’t explain anything in depth.

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