Sudan: the women leading the calls for revolution

As a wave of protests continues against President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule, viral images reveal women spearheading the demonstrations, despite the dangers of speaking out against this oppressive regime. Price rises and food shortages first sparked unrest in December 2018, but the biggest demonstrations so far have taken place in recent days, shaking authorities in Khartoum
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13 Responses

  1. العزة للسودان. العزة و الكرامة للثورة و الشباب الحر

  2. Take notes: this is what "real" women oppression looks like.

    Women in America should kiss their husbands feet.

  3. go SUDAN go
    Stand up (kıyam) and walk !!
    Good luck from istanbul – turkey
    Sudan peoples are walking for freedom and for bread !!

  4. It needs real courage to stand against Govt. Particular in country like Sudan, true spirit 👍🌷

  5. People commenting about the headscarfs, need to understand that no-one their is wearing it by oppression… It’s their choice and you’ve no authority to criticize these things cause it’s their choice…. May these young ladies and men will get what they want in a peaceful manner. IA

  6. Oh-oh, President Omar al-Bashir is in danger of invasion then if BAME women are trending on twitter, the Guardian will be demanding airstrikes anyday now…

  7. A great, courageous, and selfless heroine fighting against political and religious tyranny in the midst of an inhuman regime along with her likewise compatriots.

  8. Fools Revolution.
    Africa need economical revolution not political or administrative revolution.

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