Sudan protesters reach army HQ, clash with security forces

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Thousands of Sudanese protesters clashed with security forces outside President Omar al-Bashir’s residence in Khartoum Saturday in what appeared to be the biggest demonstration in months of protest against his 30-year rule, witnesses said.

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8 Responses

  1. 1.25
    You see that General behind him to protect him there?
    He is the one who made the movement against him now !.
    This is the history of Islam,since 622 M.D,till today,the man behind me to protect me is the one who will kill me and sit in my chair.

  2. Since 1989, Britain is very wicked, I hope Sudan speaks English like Nigeria? Please Trump come and help Africa with the black American, EUROPEAN countries are doing us racism in our own land by allowing dictatorship in power

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