Sudan protester under arrest in hospital after being shot

Sudan protester under arrest in hospital after being shot

Sudan protester under arrest in hospital after being shot

Police in Sudan have fired live ammunition at mourners outside the home of a protester who died after he was shot yesterday on the streets of Khartoum. There’s growing international outrage at the brutal crackdown on protests against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, including the case of 57-year-old Yasser Ali, who was seriously injured by a sniper. From Sudan, Yousra Elbagir has an exclusive report on what happened to a man who ventured out on a protest on December the 25th, got shot and is now being held in a security hospital.



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17 Responses

  1. The identities of these people need to be made anonymous for their safety if they’re going to be interviewed and it’s up to reporters to ensure that. Yasir may still be with his family if his face was blurred in that video.

  2. Protests have been going for the past 3 weeks. Nearly 50 people were killed, and no coverage from international media outlets. The regime didn’t receive any serious threats from super powers only the usual "concerns" from the UN.
    We need the international community to put pressure on the blood thirsty Omar Albashir so he can stop killing his own people.

  3. Sudanese people are fighting against terrorist islamic brotherhood organization for their liberty and freedom from the dictator regime which is ruling Sudan since 1989 by iron and fire .. we are facing the same enemy which freedom lovers and fighters are fighting in middle east.. US and its Allies in the region must back those Freedom fighters to liberate them from this terrorist guy called Albashir the president of Sudan since 1989 .He is wanted by ICC for crimes and the genocide he committed against people of Darfur..there is Holocust is going on in Sudan now..History is repeating itself in Sudan .Islamic brotherhood organization is Nazist party which should be banned by UN council immediately for their crimes against Humanity in Sudan’s time to restore back the Democracy in Sudan and get back Sudan from this terrorist organization ..we hope Sudan will play its role in middle east and African horn region as peace keeper and oasis of democracy in the region after we get rid off this cancer called islamic brotherhood organization in Sudan

  4. Bad report
    What about protest in france
    Sudan is a peace country and never believe this news
    Saudi Arabia
    I like Sudan country

  5. Unbelievable this needs to stop. Certainly this brutality is adding fuel the revolution there. Daily Media coverage is necessary it will help protect these brave people lives.

  6. This is drive us to think if we wanna face dictator we need civil war.. c’mon Sudanis, gets your gun.. War! War! War!

  7. Stop reporting on hellhole countries and report more British news. Go and live in a hellhole country if you’re so interested in them.

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