Sudan military says it has ousted ruler after protests – BBC News

After nearly 30 years in power, Sudan president Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested, the defence minister says.
Speaking on state TV, Awad Ibn Ouf said the army had decided to oversee a two-year transitional period followed by elections.
He also said a three-month state of emergency was being put in place.
Protests against Mr Bashir, who has governed Sudan since 1989, have been under way for several months.

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50 Responses

  1. good job! i hate omar al bashir. sudanese people should live with rule of sudanese army.

  2. So, Who will Sudan alien with, China, Russia, America, I hope it will be the people’s choice, There is an interest in, Ancient History, Sudan has lots to offer. National stability can be measured in your children’s eyes and by their laughter. Sudan, The world is watching.

  3. En route to another dictatorship? I will not be surprised if the later declares himself president.

  4. America will make sure military generals hold and abuse power in Sudan so as it stays influential for decades to come very busy at the embassies of China Russia the USA and ofcourse the Saudis

  5. When the zionists get you to turn on your own leader, you are officially finished. The plan was always to take out these 7 countries as told by General Wesley Clark in 2007: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran. Only Lebanon and Iran left.

  6. us and saudi unstabelize afghan,Iraq,Libya,Syria,yaman ,palistine, egypt and now sudan term they can do anything for self advantage

  7. He must start wearing civilian clothes not military clothes! And run as presidential candidate…
    And there you have it Sudan 🇸🇩 your next president for. The next 40 years …..

  8. This is fake ! I can see he is reading Mr Bashir handwritten papers ! And he says 2 yrs transition period , that is what , mr Bashir was used to tell to the people . No change at all ! Fake fake !

  9. WOW! arab/Africa spring is still goin on in 2019. First: Butfelika, second: Bashir. Who is next???

  10. congratulation to all Sudanese people. Next, the Eritrean dictator will share the same fate.

  11. Tow years is too much Tow weeks is the right enough to transfer the government to an civilian cabinet

  12. Usually with these situations another dictator emerges, hopefully this time it will be differen’t .

  13. Sudan army’s protests in covered army’s cheef interwove please kind your a weakness you responsibilities artical army’s act 5 your people safty peacefully thanks of sudan real axis

  14. UN, and America stay aside now, the people of Sudan will choose Their own government system

  15. lov sudan donot distroy your country is beatfull country plz

  16. Onlara: “Yeryüzünde bozgunculuk yapmayın.” denildiğinde: “Biz sadece ıslah edicileriz.” derler. (2/Bakara 11)

    ► Dikkat edin! Onlar bozguncuların ta kendileridirler. Lakin farkında değillerdir. (2/Bakara 12)

  17. This man was an assistant of omer albeshir,this is the same government with different names…its a cheat for Sudanese people.
    Only people have right to choose their president..

  18. If anyone from northern Sudan can see this message what happens after is entirely your fault. When the bodies start dropping in the thousands. Dont ask any other country for help. May God be with you but this is solely your mess

  19. Somalis were happy when they ousted Mr. Bare BUT now we surely regretted. I wish well for the Sudanees brothers.

  20. Oh boy. I wonder how people will blame the US for this? Because as we all know whatever problem a country has is apparently our problem too right?

  21. finally …now hopefully he gets his ass dragged of to the War Crimes Court ASAFP

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