Sudan Deposed a Dictator, but Protests Won't Stop. Here's Why | The Dispatch

Even after forcing out president Omar al-Bashir, who ruled Sudan for 30 years, thousands of pro-democracy protesters are still out on the streets. Why? Because the country’s military generals have taken power into their hands.

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50 Responses

  1. When you forget tribe, family, color, status and ethnicity, life will be better. This is not happening in the Middle East

  2. You will get a better country and a better life soon, be patient the people of Sudan, be patient while fighting for freedom. Praying for you.

  3. The whole regime is not come down yet. The demand is the total change to the dictatorship who ruled our country for decades. On the other hand, the old elite are challenging the reality instead they want the enhance themselves by taking over regime by singing a deal with military as tool of protection. But people will never surrender.

  4. "a party"
    Call it a party after the killings and rapes and violence, shootings started.
    I’m not against them showing their community spirit but they also need to show that the situation is dire and people have been scared off the streets and lost family. A revolution is not a game, the stakes are high and very real for the people there.

  5. We as fellow Africans who are suffering under a military government,fully support you. As Zimbabweans we celebrated the fall of Mugabe but least did we know that the coupe masters would impose a military government on us. Now it’s from one dictator to another. Never give up until the military gives full power to a civilian led government, hear it from us. It’s terrible right now in our country thanx to the military led government.

  6. We stay in the streets until we get our liberty, our freedom and we guarantee the good of our beloved Sudan.

  7. I think it’s safe to say that the whole military institution is a disgrace to our country.
    Thoses generals are nothing but rubbers who keeps up hostages at gun point.
    The revolution continues…
    Let’s stay united 💪🏾

  8. please all thanks for support but keep on supporting the battle is not over twitt for support the revolution depends on you

  9. Hope this groundbreaking peaceful movement doesn’t get snuffed out in the end like Arab spring or marina protests! Live forever and seek equality at ALL COST!

  10. Wherever the strongman were toppled, the bearded wonders of the Brotherhood took power… it is easier to support Sisi, Assad etc than the Brotherhood.

  11. "civilian government" it was announced in the First Bulletin, Ibn Ouf said. So all the delay now is because of the civilian leaders who knew that they ca never agree on one leader to take the responsibility of the country for two or three more years…

  12. Thanks everyone showing love for our new Sudan. We won’t leave the streets until we accomplish all our needs, arrest all the oppressors as well as punish them to the justice. Free Sudan from dictators ✌🏿✌🏿

  13. But when 2.500.000 greeks are shouting about Macedonia 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  14. Saudi Arabia & Emirates & Egypt are playing dirty politics roll to keep Sudanese soldiers fighting for them in Yemen and steal its wealth

  15. we’ll keep saying it :we have ‘t come out for jasolin or bread or power cuts No.we have ccme out for freedome, justice and peace #civilian

  16. Please don’t let Arabs take control of Sudan the "Land of the Blacks." We don’t need any more racism, tribalism and marginalization of Black people in Sudan.

  17. If rich countries like china, usa do something for these poor countries instead of engaging in a senseless trade war. The world would be a much better place to live for all.

  18. Maybe the real enemy of freedom is poverty, corruption and surging over-population? Prosperity won’t come tomorrow

  19. Sudanese your sufferd a lot. Allah with you guys look what happened in Darfur and see what happens in kartum. So sad. God bless you all

  20. I’m happy for sudan,they have learned from other revolutions and i’m rooting for them.The only way i see them failing is through disunity.But if they stay united through all of this and know who they are fighting against they will succeed.

  21. Oh yes … the military is not looking for power, just like egypt’s military was not looking for power back then. Ughhh it is like they are reading from the same manual.

  22. All this dictators are puppets of Europeans and america. The dictators are keep the money of the people in western banks who actually help them have power.

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