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The army has seized power in Sudan and warns anti-government protestors to stay off the streets as it imposes a strict curfew. It’s not quite what demonstrators were hoping for when they demanded the end to the presidency of Omar al-Bashir.

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19 Responses

  1. Sudan needs to get it right at this big moment of their country’s history..this will give them a right direction for a positive future

  2. Sudan is a military state. I am a Sudanese citizen and I can’t trust any of those top military guys. all the sudden the military is pertaining to care for the well being of all the citizen of Sudan. Let’s not forget what happened to the citizens of South Sudan and the people of Darfur. Let Khartoum be Khartoum and stop holding everyone a hostage.

  3. Ethiopia needs the same revolution. There is a fake change of government but same ruthless corrupt ruling party in the chair.

  4. All African dictators leaders must be out of from their offices they do not work for their people they are working for themselves. We people are starving and don’t they care in no good roads Bridges hospitals and schools now time to get rid of African leaders.

  5. So you mean 2 tell me that…….this civilian government won’t…lie …..cheat….rob….and steal.

  6. What kind of Schools those African leaders went to we do not know every day countries moving forward and our contenant moves backwards most of those leaders came to power in military coup we need to make something that surprise others countries instead of staying in one level.

  7. I was hoping this Dude Right Activist who fled Sudan Answer, My life is no longer in danger since the Dictatorship has fallen, Now it is time for me to leave this country Germany and go back Home. It didn’t happen. Lol

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