Striking miners fired on in South Africa

Video shows workers under a hail of bullets shot by police. The police say they were trying to protect their own lives.

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50 Responses

  1. It’s a miracle that those cops didn’t shoot each other in that incident. SA police is horribly unprofessional.

  2. Stop mining and damaging the Earth before the Earth destroys you!… The aim of the indigents is to destroy you and the Earth you stand on, living your future generation in abject poverty and misery. No wage increase is worthy of the "curse and burden" to soon fall upon the nation. Let the wicked one go search for all which glitter in his backyard within the caves of Europe.
    The "foreign indigent" only comes to kill, steal and destroy…1John10:10
    Re-focus your attention on feeding your people with good and proper food, provide a clean and healthy environment with proper sanitation and affordable quality housing with dignity.
    Re-Educate the Mis-Educated populace in the ways of True & Original Black People and not in bogus false brainwash education by your enemies to make you appear foolish.
    Quit following in the footsteps of Satan’s own. Obsequiously and Sycophantically following the West will never make you the Best.
    Where did Mansa Musa of Mali along with all the Asante Kings of Gold Coast ended up with the Gold they were flaunting?… Nowhere!
    Where are you and your children going to end up if you do not turn away from the ways of the wicked indigents?… In the Abyss of Hell, right here on Earth!!!

  3. Yes ofcourse, the hundreds of people with pangas were aiming to protest peacefully, put yourself in the police officers shoes that day and have a mass group run at you with weapons and then you can have an opinion

  4. Atleast 18 people dead!!! Yea? And they charged the Police. CNN can go to rot. When you make the police out as evil because they did something wrong, go for it. BUT when the Police have to save their necks with deadly force against deadly force, don’t make them out as the creators of the problem, you lying overpaid devils.

  5. Honestly, I think CNN were being a bit too much by making the miners seem like they were the ones who charged first and that the police where innocent and all. They were just peacefully protesting and the cops showed up with guns for some reason. This is utterly sickening!

  6. A bit of research would have shown you the miners shooting at the police… 2 cops already hacked to death. Bunch of terrorists.

  7. Here is what CNN will not tell you. The rioters claiming to be strikers openly attacked civilians and murdered them in other camps and villages. They refused to disperse and stand down. In turn the police did their jobs and stopped a band of murderers. CNN you wrong. You are the problem and you are fake news.

  8. Thank God im not in my home country anymore, sad to say this but its all going to shits… The country has died and will just end up like zimbabwe.

  9. Oh, really? I’m insane? The answer is in your sentence :"This looked like". Be careful about the appearances. You can’t judge what really happened with this short video, you have to think about it instead of react to it. Tell me : if you were a fucking guy (cop or not, it’s not the problem) with an assault rifle in your hands and you see dozens of angry men who run towards you with the clear intention to chunk your face or cut your balls, what would you do? Smile and talk?

  10. criminals or not, but should not be executed is such a form. Reminds me Germans killing people in Poland during WW2

  11. 1. Every liberal that sees this will just say "racist white men" (almost every cop there was black but whatever).
    2. If those melee armed miners had reached those cops, they would have cut them all to pieces.

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