South Sudan famine worsens with ongoing conflict – BBC News

Famine in South Sudan has already been declared in one state. The country has suffered from a brutal 3-year civil war. It’s uprooted some 3 million people creating even more problems for a country with insecure food supplies and a volatile economy. And it’s now caused one of the world’s biggest refugee crises. Our correspondent Catherine Byaruhanga sent this report from Northern Uganda.

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  1. i cant believe the comments south sudan was triggered by the west to separate from the north
    still ababdoned

  2. Dear England: DON’T take in any of these people! They are NOT the Western World’s responsibility; if you help them they will see you as stupid. They will be ungrateful and harm you in return for your kindness. Don’t trust me, just ask Sweden, Michigan and Minnesota!

  3. this is pathetic overpopulation does not exist! america has a surplus of food and we are too greedy to share! this is horrible every one that are blaming overpopulation. overpopulation wouldnt be a thing if we shared!

  4. I’m South Sudanese living in Canada. I’ve lived in Canada since I was 3 years old, I’m 17 now. I seriously wish it wasn’t so dangerous in S Sudan so I can pay visits. I’ve never been in touch with my heritage and I can barley even speak Nuer. I think I know French and Spanish more than I know the language of my parents.

  5. These people with their "well stop having kids then" comments need to shut it. Without proper education on birth control and sexual education as well as FINANCIAL STABILITY they will continue to rely on children as sources of income.

  6. >when your living in a shithole in africa no water,no electricity,and in a middle of a civil war
    african:have 10 kids

  7. "Asked my husband and his SEVEN brothers to come out…" the hunger will spread whether or not the violence continues with this ridiculous level of breeding. How can any sympathy really be expected when they drastically exacerbate the severity of their own situation. In *"rich"* nations, people often limit their procreation because they can’t *afford* to have more kids (i.e. provide them with a good quality of life).

  8. The world we are living in is corrupt and injust. While in one country an abundance of food is available, "left overs" are wasted and dumped in the trash. Political leaders don’t feel any responsibility towards the ones they rule over.
    Yet, one man who lived, died for all humans. This man was Jesus Christ. You may wonder ‘Why did he die?’
    Please watch the folliwing video to receive a satisfying answer:

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